ZEISS Camera Lenses


The ZEISS Camera Lens Ambassadors

ZEISS is one of the most renowned brands in the global high-tech industry, with an outstanding reputation in the world of optics. ZEISS is associated with leading-edge technology, superior product performance, quality, precision, and optical excellence – hard-earned attributes in which we take great pride.

Our ZEISS Camera Lens Ambassadors are a group of talented photographers who share these goals and ambitions. Just like the ZEISS lenses they use, each Ambassador is best in their class. Peerless and uncompromising, with the proven ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Whether its creating breathtaking, inspiring images, or designing world-class lenses - ZEISS and its Ambassadors share a common goal to be the best at what they do.

The ZEISS Camera Lens Ambassadors come from a wide range of photographic disciplines. From landscape, to lifestyle, fine art, commercial and fashion, there's a ZEISS lens for almost any application and camera type. Whether they're shooting still or video, the wide range of ZEISS lenses allows the Ambassadors the freedom to create and inspire.

August Bradley

August Bradley is a Photographer and Cinematographer known for his dramatic, stylized visual aesthetic.


David Clifford

There is nothing David Clifford wont do to get "The Shot".


Harold Davis

Harold Davis is a well-known digital artist and award-winning professional photographer.


Greg Watermann

My speciality is live concerts with exclusive access. Standing on stage in front of 20,000 people makes photographs incredibly special with a point of view from the artist's perspective.


Ken Kaminesky

He believes that everywhere has a story that will inspire people, and he’d love to capture it in an image.


Pedro Meyer

Pedro Meyer is one of the pioneers and most recognized representatives of contemporary photography.