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Our Company

Carl Zeiss is one of the global leaders in the optical and optoelectronic industries with 24,000 employees.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology

A large proportion of all microchips produced throughout the world are made with ZEISS optics. ZEISS is the market leader in lithography optics – the basic technology required for microchip production. ZEISS plays a key role in making microchips increasingly smaller, powerful and affordable.

Industrial Metrology

Measuring solutions from ZEISS are used to make various components – from micro and macro parts, up to large ship engines and wind turbines – more robust, safer and more energy efficient. Industrial measuring technology from ZEISS ensures maximum standards of quality wherever high precision is a must.


ZEISS develops and distributes innovative microscope systems for biomedical research and materials inspection. They enable researchers to observe even the tiniest structures and processes in organisms, and thus gain key insights.

Medical Technology

Medical systems from ZEISS are used in ophthalmology, neurosurgery, and ear, nose and throat surgery. Office-based doctors also put their trust in the know-how of ZEISS. Diagnostic and therapy systems help healthcare professionals achieve better treatment outcomes.

Vision Care

ZEISS stands for optimal visual comfort. As a leading global manufacturer, the company combines ophthalmic expertise and solutions with an international brand. Over 200 million people all over the world use ZEISS eyeglass lenses.

Consumer Optics

ZEISS brings the night sky to planetariums and breathtakingly crisp images to the silver screen. Binoculars and spotting scopes make fascinating details visible to nature watchers.