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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday
from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Entrance Fee:


Address and directions

ZEISS Museum of Optics
Carl-Zeiss-Strasse 22
73447 Oberkochen, Germany

How to find us


Phone: +49 7364 20-3408
mus eum @zeiss .com

ZEISS Museum of Optics

Experience 160 years of innovation firsthand! Join us on a fascinating tour through the world of optics and discover more than 1000 exciting, often unique exhibits in an area of 1000 m².

In ten categories – from planetariums to optical lithography – you’ll enjoy fascinating, useful and unexpected encounters with the history of the development of products and technologies important to ZEISS. Explore the evolution of trailblazing optical technologies, methods and instruments not only visually, but by trying numerous exhibits out for yourself, including microscopes and binoculars. You’ll also be amazed by a superbly realistic starry sky in the mini-planetarium.

The exhibition takes you from the present into the past: from state-of-the-art high-tech medical instruments to the photo shot by Neil Armstrong with a ZEISS camera during the first moon landing to one of Napoleon’s sets of binoculars.

Come to Oberkochen and visit the new ZEISS Museum of Optics!


The Ten Areas of the ZEISS Museum

From planetariums to optical lithography

Focusing on Important Moments

Eyeglass lenses and ophthalmological instruments

Deepening Insights


Maintaining Health

Medical Technology

Setting Standards


From reading stones to progressive lenses: without pioneers like ZEISS, many people would be virtually sightless today. Look into the past, present and future of eyeglass lenses.

ZEISS has been developing technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders for more than 160 years. A fascinating tour through the world of ophthalmology.

The microscope has assisted mankind in making several of the most important discoveries – from penicillin to stem cell research. Explore the unique microworld of ZEISS, the pioneer in optics.

Modern medicine has already saved millions of lives. Surgeons around the globe rely on visualization solutions from ZEISS to make the impossible possible after all. Experience this fascinating world up close!

Whether in the automobile industry or medical technology, it is precise metrology that makes the high standards of contemporary industrial manufacturing possible in the first place. ZEISS supports market leaders worldwide with its innovations. See for yourself.

Enabling Digitization

Optical lithography

Capturing Those Important Moments

Camera and Cine Lenses

Bringing Distant Objects Closer


Discover Infinity


Everyday life is practically unthinkable without lithography optics: it is the key process in the production of microchips, which are ubiquitous today. Learn more about the technologies and methods developed and used at ZEISS.

Whether macro, tele or wide-angle, the right lens is the key to successful photos. Explore the evolution of the various camera lenses at ZEISS.

You’ve always wanted to go to Hollywood? Now you can experience Oscar-winning camera technology from ARRI in cooperation with ZEISS in Oberkochen as well.

Learn more about the development of telescopes and binoculars at ZEISS.

From Oberkochen you can peer into galaxies that are millions of light-years away.

The Treasure Chamber of Optics

Milestones in Optics

In the treasure chamber you’ll find several historically significant items such as the binoculars taken from Napoleon Bonaparte after the Battle of Waterloo.

Here you’ll gain an overview of the most important technologies and innovations of the company since 1846.