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Carl Zeiss (1816-1888)

ZEISS Celebrates 200th Birthday of Its Founding Father

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Jörg Nitschke
Group Press Spokesman

joerg .nitschke @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 7364 20-3242

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Carl Zeiss Year 2016

ZEISS Celebrates 200th Birthday of Its Founding Father

ZEISS Symposium

including the ZEISS Research Award Ceremony


is of key importance to and has a long tradition at ZEISS.


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Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2016

02/09/2016 - 02/11/2016
United Kingdom, FIVE, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 6XL

MD&M West

02/09/2016 - 02/11/2016
USA, Anaheim, CA

MDM West

02/09/2016 - 02/11/2016
USA, Anaheim, CA

Jagd & Hund

02/09/2016 - 02/14/2016
Germany, Dortmund

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ZEISS Corporate Newsroom

News Highlights

New widefield confocal microscope ZEISS Smartproof 5 for industrial applications

The new ZEISS Smartproof 5 widefield confocal microscope is designed for a wide range of industrial applications in quality assurance and quality control departments, production environments and R&D labs. more 

ZEISS Marks First Consumer Electronics Show Appearance with Virtual Reality Headset

Appearance with Virtual Reality Headset
ZEISS is marking the brand’s first International CES appearance by showcasing its new virtual reality headset. The VR ONE headset features premium ZEISS optics, a comfortable fit and finish and a unique smartphone tray system that allows for multi-smartphone interchangeability. more

ZEISS and Fellowes Launch Smartphone Accessory Lenses

Fellowes, a manufacturer of smartphone accessories, and international optics enterprise ZEISS have teamed up to present three new high-performance accessory lenses for smartphones at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in Las Vegas. more

ZEISS Develops Next Generation Optical System for Smart Glasses

At the 2016 CES in Las Vegas, January 6-8, ZEISS introduced its next generation data glasses prototype to the tech community. “The future is about unobtrusively integrated, stylish smart glasses that provide augmented data for business and daily life”, said Dr. Kai Ströder, managing director of the ZEISS financed start-up venture Smart Optics. more

Fedor Jelezko and Jörg Wrachtrup Receive ZEISS Research Award

Fedor Jelezko and Jörg Wrachtrup are the winners of the prestigious ZEISS Research Award in 2016. They have been honored for their outstanding work on quantum technology with optically addressable spins in diamond. more


Corporate Communications

Jörg Nitschke
Group Press Spokesman

joerg .nitschke @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 7364 20-3242 

Dagmar Ringel
Press and Public Relations

dagmar .ringel @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 7364 20-3407 

Gudrun Vogel
Jena site communications

gudrun .vogel @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 3641 64-2770

Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology

Ilka Hauswald
Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH

ilka .hauswald @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 7364 20-9231

Industrial Metrology

Dr. Benjamin Viering
Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik GmbH

benjamin .viering @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 7364 20-2144


Dr. Jochen Tham
Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH

jochen .tham @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 3641 64-3949

Karin Gretz-Köhler

karin .gretz -koehler @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 7364 20-2253

Medical Technology

Jann Gerrit Ohlendorf
Carl Zeiss Meditec AG

jann .ohlendorf @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 3641 220-331

Sebastian Frericks
Investor Relations
Carl Zeiss Meditec AG

inve stors @meditec .zeiss .com
Phone: +49 36 41 220-116

Vision Care

Joachim Kuss
Carl Zeiss Vision International GmbH

joachim .kuss @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 151 42112288

Camera Lenses

Tobias Brandstetter
Carl Zeiss AG

tobias .brandstetter @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 7364 20-4694

Sports Optics

Joel Harris
Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, LLC

joel .harris @zeiss .com
Phone: +1 804 425 8466


Gudrun Vogel
Carl Zeiss AG

gudrun .vogel @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 3641 64-2770


Franz Troppenhagen
Carl Zeiss AG

franz .troppenhagen @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 7364 20-9761

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ZEISS Museum of Optics


Microscopy News Blog

News | 2016-02-04 14:00:39 |

Microscopy App Labscope: Version 2.0 Now Available for iPad and iPhone

With the imaging app ZEISS Labscope, various schools, universities, laboratories and home users already transformed their ZEISS microscope with integrated HD camera into ...


News | 2016-01-26 15:00:02 |

Introducing ZEISS Xradia Versa with FPX for Extended ‘Scout and Zoom’ Imaging

The ZEISS Xradia Versa 500-series of 3D X-ray microscopes delivers large-sample, high throughput scanning with best-in-class image quality. Combined with the high resolution ...


LENSPIRE - The new ZEISS photography platform

Hunting Blog

Hunting Worldwide | 2015-09-16 10:07:54 |

Hunting in alpine altitudes

Hunting in the mountains, especially in high alpine altitudes, has a special appeal to it. The clean air, the far sight and the panoramic landscape make every hunting trip an extraordinary experience. ...


Stalking | 2015-09-01 13:35:03 |

Wild of the Wood

In densely settled Central Europe, the hunt is more indispensible than ever. Crop damage in agricultural monocultures as well as the widespread policy of ‘woods before game’ often clouds the joy of hunting ...


Did you know …


... that bacteria protect the Colosseum?

Bacteria and other microorganisms protect the Roman amphitheater from environmental influences by producing a natural, organic film called patina. For the project »Invincible«, samples were taken from the outer layer of the patina and placed under a ZEISS microscope ...


... why van Gogh's Sunflowers shine?

Australian researchers are now using a system normally used for biological samples to examine paint pigments. Using a ZEISS Sigma VP field emission microscope featuring a microtome with a diamond blade, they produce serial sectional images of paint samples.
A three-dimensional image can then be generated, which enables the scientists to map the layers of paint and to better understand the aging process.


... that 2015 is the Year of Light?

As 2015 marks the anniversary of several major events in optics, the UNESCO General Conference has declared it the International Year of Light. Through a range of events, ZEISS is also is bringing the meaning of light closer to the general public.


... that blue light can be dangerous, yet it's also essential for good health?

Blue light at a wavelength of 460 nanometres can damage the macula, the part of the retina which has the most photoreceptor cells. At wavelengths longer than 460 nanometres, it plays an important role in regulating our melatonin levels, which influence our circadian rhythms and general well-being ...


... that Catherine the Great had a collection of hairpins with moving parts which were manufactured in China from wires just 30 microns thick?

They include the wings of butterflies and birds and the head of a Phoenix. Restorers examine the hairpins using special microscopes from ZEISS to get a clearer idea of how the moving elements work.


... that researchers are working towards producing a map of the human brain?

To create the detailed images needed for this map, new methods and tools have to be developed. For example, the current ZEISS MultiSEM 505 uses 61 parallel beams to examine samples in the cubic millimeter or centimeter range. Such volumes previously took years to record and were therefore beyond the limits of the technologically feasible. 


... that ZEISS camera lenses are turning 125 years old?

On 21 March 1890, the first batch of camera lenses left production in Jena. The successors of the ZEISS camera lenses initially produced 125 years ago are used by millions of people around the world today.


... that ZEISS products are orbiting a comet?

The Rosetta mission to the Churyumov–Gerasimenko comet is highly successful thanks to the satisfactory landing of the Philae minilab and the measurement data sent to Earth from the mother probe and the lander. The instruments on board Rosetta include two spectrometer systems featuring ZEISS gratings.


... what opera stars are like offstage?

Cecilia Bartoli and Rolando Villazón in the country, the supermarket or the launderette: these moments were captured by Hollywood photographer Douglas Kirkland exclusively for the 2015 ZEISS Art Calendar.


Press photos

Did you know ...

... why van Gogh's Sunflowers shine or that researchers are mapping the human brain?

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