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MSR, MSR mini, ProMax, ProMax light

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When different parts are measured, a variety of stylus configurations are required. These are managed and changed out using CNC measuring programs. This challenge can be easily mastered with a stylus rack from Carl Zeiss.

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Product Overview

MSR, MSR mini
The MSR multi-sensor rack is an intelligent and economical solution for all bridge-type measuring machines. The freely selectable sensor and stylus racks ensure a high level of flexibility, thus keeping all future system enhancements on the table for operators of ZEISS coordinate measuring machines.



  • Flexible loading of the MSR with all stylus and sensor racks from Carl Zeiss.
  • Vertically adjustable assembly level for customized use
  • Robust and sturdy design
  • Standard: two rack levels, expandable to three levels.


ProMax, ProMax light
Ten to fifteen styli are often stored on two levels in the measuring range for the measurement of complex workpieces. A typical stylus rack thus requires up to 25 percent of the measuring range of the CMM. The travel range becomes limited as a result of the rigid stylus rack, particularly during the measurement of large workpieces for which very long styli (in the Y direction) are used. The solution: ProMax automatically moves the multi-sensor rack out of the measuring range when a stylus is not needed.



  • The styli are no longer in the collision range
  • ProMax light can be directly used with existing measuring programs without changes
  • ProMax light features a robust design and can be configured as easily as the standard rack
  • Compatible with CALYPSO and CMM-OS

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