Evaluation of Turbine Blades.

Determine blade parameters with BLADE PRO.

With BLADE PRO, a wide variety of turbine blade parameters can be determined from existing measuring results. An algorithm patented for Carl Zeiss accounts for disproportional length errors, thus enabling evaluation of tolerance-critical areas of leading and trailing edges. BLADE PRO communicates bi-directionally with your existing measuring software via a neutral interface.



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BLADE PRO determines the following blade parameters from existing measuring results:

  • Form error of the blade profile
  • Maximum blade length
  • Maximum blade thickness
  • Corner radius of the leading and trailing edge
  • Thickness of the leading and trailing edge
  • Blade thickness at any point of the nominal profile
  • Torsion angle of the blade
  • Blade length parallel to the chord line
  • Profile waviness
  • Batch point, center of gravity, mean line, etc.