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Automated to the Measuring Program.

Offline programming system for car body construction.

iDA software supports measuring operators in measurement planning and offline programming for car body construction. Measurement plans can be converted to measurement programs on a Windows-based computer with a high degree of automation. The measuring programs created offline are transferred in the standardized DMIS format to the corresponding coordinate measuring machines of various manufacturers.



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iDA (integrated DMISGen application) is an offline programming system for car body construction. It works regardless of the manufacturer thanks to the utilization of DMIS. It is the only offline programming system with an interface to HOLOS. iDA accommodates the measuring plan formats of all leading carmakers. iDA automates the programming process.


Overview of the key features


  • Planning and programming on the 3D CAD model (part and device)
  • Interfaces to import measurement plans (control lists)
  • Parameterization delivers standardized, yet flexible measuring principles for very fast and easy programming
  • Machine simulation
  • Collision test
  • Automated change management
  • Mirrored measuring programs with automatic stylus allocation and intelligent mirroring of feature names
  • Undo and restore functions
  • Machine-independent
  • I++ DMS capable
  • Factory standards
  • Combines different measuring software in one program

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