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Manage Measuring Technology.

Machines, data, programs, results.

Organized information and communication management is becoming increasingly important – even in coordinate metrology. This requires technologies that enable the central organization of machines, programs, logs and expertise. Most knowledge portals and document management systems, however, are too global without optimized functions for coordinate measuring technology. This is where the Master Control Center takes over. It was specially developed for the requirements of coordinate measuring technology.



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Master Control Center

The Master Control Center is an access-protected, server-based solution for corporate intranets. Due to its intuitive operation and easy management, users do not require any training or special courses. Centrally organized metrology information is available where it is needed.


Needless to say, the Master Control Center provides the basic functions of a flexible knowledge and communication management system, including transparent, web-based user and access management. The content can be customized and graphically displayed with a clearly arranged structure. New forums, albums and files can be added. The index-based full text search enables users to access stored data quickly and easily. Key words, authors, categories or other criteria – the full text search scans all types of documents (including PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Shockwave Flash, Text and PostScript).


The Master Control Center is modularly designed, with each module functioning as a standalone solution. As a result, investment costs can be easily calculated and the implementation can be performed step by step to meet your specific requirements.


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