Small and Extremely Precise.

With the MICURA coordinate measuring machine, Carl Zeiss IMT is setting new standards in the compact class. The VAST XT sensor with active scanning technology is a special feature in this price range.


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MICURA: high-end measuring technology in miniature form.

Key features


Robust machine design

  • Ceramic guideways in X and Z provide rigidity and protection against production-related environmental influences
  • Air bearings on all axes for high stability at high travel speeds Machine technology


Machine technology


  • Active scanning to capture very large quantities of data
  • Automatic decision-making aids, graphic user guidance and efficient interfaces between the operator and measuring machine
  • Simultaneous determination of size, form and position




  • Active scanning technology from Carl Zeiss
  • High-speed scanning for each measuring task
  • Complex and heavy styli combinations without a loss of accuracy; for stylus lengths up to 500 mm and stylus weights up to 500 g
  • For form and position measurements, curve and freeform measurements, and reverse engineering