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Measuring Technology of the Future

METROTOM from Carl Zeiss – the door to measuring technology of the future. Place your workpiece in the measuring cabin, and start the scanning process. An in-depth quality analysis is available almost right away.

Bridge-type CMMs

Computed Tomography

Several evaluation options are available – from an in-depth, easy-to-understand color display of the geometry comparison up to a detailed prototype test log. With metrotomography, the same digital dataset can be easily used to visualize and measure structures that would have required destroying the parts in order to measure on a traditional CMM.

Be it a porosity or damage analysis, or an assembly, defect or materials analysis – everything is possible with the help of the 3D volume model. Metrotomography considerably reduces the development process, analyzes the quality of the production process and visualizes part defects in next to no time.


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The Ideal Machine for a Wide Range of Parts