Fully automatic roughness measurement on engine components and shafts

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  • Ideal for the automated surface measurement of engine components such as cylinder blocks and cylinder heads
  • Designed for quality assurance in volume production
  • Increased productivity through fully automatic, shop floor surface measurement
  • Highly flexible: instrument design for perfect connection possibilities to part-specific equipment
  • Faster, more reliable and more economical thanks to fully automated surface measurement
  • Best reachability of the measuring site through 5 CNC axes
  • Short setup times through integrated patented Y tracing driver in the X axis
  • Measurements in all directions through integration rotation sensor
  • Considerably faster, less maintenance and vibrations than standard systems thanks to patented non-contact linear drive (X axis)
  • High positioning speeds of 100 mm/s for high measuring efficiency even on large parts
  • Extensive patented safety concept – for maximum operator and machine safety