Fusion of the best

O-INSPECT combines the best from measuring technology with the best from optics: it is equipped with a contact and an optical sensor. O-INSPECT is the ideal solution for applications in the plastics industry, medicine and automotive technology and in precision mechanics – always when a large number of components have to be measured quickly with high accuracy.


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Plugs no larger than a few millimeters, cellphone cases, implants – O-INSPECT is a true all-rounder and easily masters every measuring task.

Key features


Proven design principle

  • Bridge-type measuring machine with rigid bridge and moveable table for high accuracy and optimum accessibility


Premium basic configuration

  • Standard configuration with multi-sensor technology
  • VAST contact scanning and optical measuring in one machine


Machine technology


Reliable drive technology

  • Precision roller bearings in all axes
  • Highly dynamic drives and automatic drive monitoring
  • Compensation of guideway errors (CAA corrected)


Ideally equipped for inline measuring

  • Completely covered guideways
  • Integrated damping


Field-tested components

  • ZEISS VAST XXT scanning sensor for contact measuring
  • ZEISS zoom lens for optical measuring
  • In-house machine components relevant to precision




Discovery zoom lens from Carl Zeiss

  • Optical 2D camera sensor with image processing
  • Optical system with lenses from Carl Zeiss
  • 12x zoom lens, image field (mm): 1 x 1 – 12 x 12
  • Unique illumination with red and blue light, segmenting possible


VAST XXT scanning sensor

  • Passive measuring probe for single-pointprobing and scanning
  • Stylus receptacle for CNC-guided stylus change
  • Lateral styli up to 40 mm, styli in three directions