Unparalleled stability.

CenterMax® navigator fits smoothly into any production line and withstands all production environments: neither extreme temperature fluctuations nor typical floor vibrations affect its precision. Even large workpieces are no problem for CenterMax – it can accept weights up to 1000 kg. The open design permits three-sided loading.

CenterMax Production measuring machine

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The CenterMax navigator universal coordinate measuring machine is ideal for economical measuring both on the shop floor and in the measuring lab.

Key features


  • Production measuring center with third generation highspeed scanning technology for high data density and reliable measuring results
  • Computeraided error correction of the axes of motion increases precision
  • Sturdy construction as a result of the machine base consisting of cast mineral technology
  • Ideal for use directly in a production environment as a result of extreme resistance to temperature fluctuations


Machine technology


  • Temperatureresistant frame technology combines insulating and damping cast mineral with invar elements to ensure insensitivity to temperature fluctuations.
  • Fully enclosed measuring axes on air bearings for maximum precision and resistance to dirt
  • Active vibration damping eliminates the negative effects of floor vibrations on the measuring result




  • Ultra configuration enables added accuracy for applications in the measuring lab
  • Granite or universal table permits adjustment to changed production conditions