Compact flexibility.

The GageMax® CNC production center re-places fixed gages in the innovative machining, and cutting and reshaping industry – and measures the entire range of parts in the process. In addition, it guarantees maxi mum precision in a production environment. The foundation for this is the computer-aided accuracy correction of the axes of motion and the insensitivity to dirt as a result of the fully enclosed machine axes.

GageMax Production measuring machine

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Sleek, compact and maximum flexibility – GageMax is the ideal coordinate measuring machine for a wide range of workpieces.

Key features


Measurements directly in production

  • Exceptionally sturdy and resistant to temperature changes
  • Very high measuring accuracy and optimum productivity under production conditions



  • Minimal space requirements
  • No air-conditioned measuring lab required
  • Replaces gages as well as measuring and testing equipment
  • 30% lower life cycle costs


Optimum flexibility

  • Can be easily moved when production conditions change


Machine technology


Enclosed 3D box

  • Ideally designed to protect against environmental influences, easy to service
  • Insensitive to temperature changes


Sturdy design

  • Special linear guideways
  • Highly dynamic drives with 520 mm/s travel speed and 3.5 mm/s2 acceleration
  • Insensitive to vibrations



Rotary table as integrated 4th axis

  • To measure rotational parts


Integration into automation systems

  • Use of palletizing and loading systems


More flexible operation and use

  • Control panel accessories and features
  • Extensive computer and system equipment options
  • Various software options