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Contract Measurement

Are you looking to have your workpiece measured quickly without investing in inspection tools? Then look no further. With our excellent measuring technology, we will efficiently provide you with the information you need.

Be it contact, optical or computed tomography; form, surface or contour – our state-of-the-art and flexible line of instruments enables fast and easy completion of your measuring tasks. We use CAD data from all standard formats. Through direct input of the specific measuring uncertainties and traceability to national standards, we guarantee reliable results.
The results are documents in accordance with your requirements. We use your templates or generate standard-compliant records.

Various interfaces enable export of the measuring results to CAQ systems or for process data capture via, e.g. PiWeb.

Calibration Lab

We assist you not only with the calibration of standard testing equipment, but also with sample parts, feasibility studies and special gauges. Our service also
covers logistics and documentation.

Our calibration lab is accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 VDA 6.2/6.4. If you have any questions, please contact your local representative about a calibration lab near you and its accreditations.


German Accreditation Body (DAkkS)

With DAkkS calibration certificates, we document the calibration of reference workpieces, gauge blocks, spheres, setting rings/mandrels, multi-sphere test standards, one-dimensional ball rails, measuring gauges, high-precision gauges and many other types of testing equipment.

We quickly, accurately and completely digitize both exterior and interior contours. Our coordinate measuring machines set the standard for maximum precision. Be it optical, computed tomography or our LineScan – we measure thousands of points to obtain the data you need for digitization and reverse
engineering. Computed tomography with our METROTOM allows you to see the interior structure of a part. This technology is rounded off by form and surface systems.

Reverse engineering
We complete the process chain between digitized data and your CAD system, and generate a C2 continuous polysurface based on the digitized data. Reduction methods:

  • Surface model
  • Volume model
  • Fully parametric (CAD model with geometric elements)
  • Reduction of scaled and inverted error for tool correction
  • Direct interface to CAD systems

Assembly checks
We check if your finished product has been properly assembled, e.g. if the wheels and levers interlock correctly. Computed tomography enables the non-destructive inspection of assemblies, modules and entire devices through the visualization of the actual status of the interior. Our services:

  • Functional analyses
  • Damage analysis inside modules and devices
  • Detection of assembly errors

Plan-actual comparison
Together with the workpiece alignment, errors can be accurately and quickly determined. Standard fit methods such as 3D BestFit or drawing orientation are used for this process. During the analysis, the errors between the nominal data and captured volumes are measured.

Defect checks
We inspect the interior structure of your parts with our industrial computed tomographs. This enables us to reliably detect and document details in the material. Our defect recognition covers:

  • Analysis of cavities and porosity
  • Detection of hairline fractures
  • Detection of inclusions