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The moment you realize that big opportunities come from small incisions.

This is the moment we work for.

The most complete range of MICS IOLs

All available preloaded

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Cataract Community

Cataract Community

Connecting peers, sharing global expertise.

The Cataract Community offers you quick and easy access to global cataract expertise – from diagnostics to treatment to postoperative.


MICS – for every patient's eye

The most complete range of MICS IOLs – all available preloaded

With ZEISS MICS IOLs, all of your patients have the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of Micro Incision Cataract Surgery.

Carl Zeiss offers a wide range of ZEISS MICS IOLs with an extensive diopter range.

The standard treatment for cataract patients

The first preloaded MICS IOLs with a 1.8 mm incision size.
A breakthrough to maximize safety, efficiency and reproducibility in all procedures.

Monofocal Spheric
Aberration Neutral Monofocal
Aberration Correcting Monofocal

Astigmatism correction, giving patients less dependency on glasses

The first monofocal bitoric MICS IOL worldwide.
Precise astigmatism correction with an innovative bitoric optic design, provides a wider range of cylinder powers for more astigmatic patients.

Monofocal bitoric

Multifocal correction for patients to enjoy a greater spectacle independence

The first multifocal MICS IOL worldwide for a 1.8 mm incision size.
With the unique L-I-S-A concept for much higher patient satisfaction.

Bifocal (multifocal)
The first trifocal preloaded MICS IOLs for True Living Vision
Trifocal (multifocal)

Multifocal correction for patients with astigmatism

The first toric multifocal MICS IOL worldwide .
The one and only MICS IOL able to correct at the same time sphere, cylinder and associated presbyopia.

Bifocal toric (multifocal)
Trifocal toric

Offering the benefits of both preloaded and micro incision

The most complete range of preloaded ZEISS MICS IOLs enables the surgeon to use the MICS technique for all cataract patients, ensuring their fast recovery and an optimal outcome.

Injector for preloaded IOLs