As multifaceted as the challenges of ophthalmic surgery

OPMI VISU 160 - As multifaceted as the challenges of ophthalmic surgery


As multifaceted as the challenges of ophthalmic surgery

OPMI VISU 160 - As multifaceted as the challenges of ophthalmic surgery

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Visualization in anterior segment surgery

  • With BrightFlex illumination, consisting of 2° and fading 6° illumination, for a bright red reflex and best light conditions.
  • DeepView, the depth of field management system that allows you to choose between optimized depth perception or maximum light transmission.
  • Integrated illuminated slit for retro-illumination during lens extraction, for example. 

OPMI VISU160 flexibility

Flexibility in the OR

With the small, compact and versatile system, the OPMI VISU® 160 is well suited for any size of OR. You rather can chose between floorstand or a ceiling mounted version.

OPMI VISU160 flexibility 2

Illumination at any time

You and your OR personnel should never be interrupted because of a burned-out bulb. If the main halogen light suddenly burns out, the system automatically switches to the back-up bulb.

External Video Components

To support all requirements or wishes for customized video solutions, external components can be mounted to the surgical microscope system. The external attachment via standard optical and mechanical interfaces increases the flexibility and retrofitability of the surgical microscopes.

Video Cameras

Trio610 camera

TRIO 610 with CCU TRIO 600 – 3 Chip HD Camera System

The high definition camera system with apochromatic video optics allows surgical microscope images to be generated with enhanced resolution and color rendition. The camera can be used for information, documentation, teaching and presentation of high quality images.

TRIO 610

MediLive Primo

MediLive Primo – 1 Chip SD Camera System

Standard definition video camera system for information, documentation, teaching and presentation of surgical microscope images.




Standard definition video recorder with image data management, that enables surgeons to record videos and capture still images. Using the MEDIALINK™ 100 standard definition videos and images can be automatically transferred to USB storage media or file servers.


HD Video Recorder

A medical grade high definition video recorder is available.

Video Monitors

Video Monitor

HD Video Monitors

Medical grade HD video monitors (1080p) are available in different monitor sizes that match the surgical microscope video solutions.

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OPMI VISU 160 Deckestativ

Ceiling mount

Spans large distances and features a smooth, motorized lift function that makes it possible to quickly switch between the working and park position. This means you have a lot of headroom, both in the working position and the extremely compact park position.

OPMI Lumera i Stereo co observation tube

Stereo co-observation tube

OPMI VISU 160 can be equipped with a stereo co-observation tube. This enables a second person to see the surgical field at the same magnification level. This is particularly well suited for sterile assistants or for training.

RESIGHT safety distance

RESIGHT 500 for retina surgery

OPMI VISU 160 and RESIGHT® 500 fundus viewing system allow you – the retinal surgeon – to clearly recognize every detail of the retina. And as these products work together seamlessly, they offer unparalleled convenience in the OR.

OPMI Lumera i Invertertube

Invertertube – For a fast change

Conversions between cataract and retina surgery are a thing of the past. The function of the inverter is already integrated into the binocular tube. An ergonomic design allows the surgeon to sit upright and work in comfort.

OPMI Lumera i Foot control panel

Foot control panel

It’s time to give you and your team more free space in the OR. Experience the new dimension of freedom with no annoying cables and free positioning in your OR. The ergonomically designed foot control panel (FCP and FCP WL) allows you to control your surgical microscope – intuitively and reliably. Additionally to our wireless version, we also offer a wired foot control panel.

Surgical microscope

Apochromatic optics with T* anti-reflex multi-coating.
Motorized zoom system
Zoom ratio 1:6
Focusing range: 50 mm
Binocular tube: 0-180° tiltable
(45° inclined optional)
DeepView depth of field management system
X-Y coupling
Adjustment range 40 mm x 40 mm
Reset button for X-Y coupling and focus
BrightFlex illumination:
6° illumination, continuous fading
2° illumination for red reflex
Integrated illuminated slit
Vertical: width 2.5 mm
Horizontal: width 2.5 mm and 5 mm, movable

Light source

Halogen light source
Automatic exchange in case of bulb failure     
Fiber light guide     
Integrated 408 nm UV cut-off filter          
Swing-in GG475 blue blocking filter
Swing-in KK40 daylight filter
Scleral glare reduction filter
Optional: swing-in fluorescence filter in suspension system
Suspension systems S7 floor stand
S7 ceiling mount with lifting column,
S7 ceiling mount with rigid column

Optime visible service quality


Visible service quality

From preventive maintenance to spare part coverage, OPTIME encompasses the full range of service offerings to ensure maximum system availability and workflow convenience. Benefit from optimum service support over the entire life cycle of your equipment. Additionally, with predictable service expenses, OPTIME makes it easy for you to improve business planning and forecasting. With an experienced and trusted partner at hand.  

Please click here, to learn more about our comprehensive service agreements OPTIME prevent, OPTIME advanced and OPTIME complete.


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