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Cataract Community

Cataract Community

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The Cataract Community offers you quick and easy access to global cataract expertise – from diagnostics to treatment to postoperative.

ZEISS Cataract Suite markerless

Products designed to work together for
markerless toric IOL alignment

Now you can implant toric IOLs and skip manual steps. You can skip the manual pre-and intra-operative marking steps and manual data transfer. The direct way to precise1 toric IOL alignment.

Integrated. Precise1. Markerless.

IOLMaster 500

IOLMaster 500

Precise1 alignment starts with excellent biometry from the ZEISS IOLMaster® 500. The new Option Reference Image is the starting point of a markerless toric IOL workflow.



Building on gold standard biometry.



Connecting you and your devices, the computer assisted cataract surgery system ZEISS CALLISTO eye® creates the overlays for the surgical microscope using data retrieved from the data management system ZEISS FORUM®.


Designed to work together.



All the information you need is injected into the eyepiece of the surgical microscopes of the ZEISS OPMI LUMERA® family2 to assist in precise1 toric IOL alignment.




Building on gold standard visualization.

Biometry and reference image

Skip pre-operative corneal marking and avoid detours

IOLMaster 500 with the new Option Reference Image
automatically acquires the reference image in case of astigmatism during routine biometry. An image of the eye is taken along with the keratometry measurement, all with one device. Both reference image and keratometry data are transferred to the CALLISTO eye computer assisted cataract surgery system. The image is later used for intra-operative matching with the live eye image. No pre-operative corneal marking. No additional measurements for toric IOL alignment are needed later. One device, one click, all the data.

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Data transfer

Skip manual data transfer and avoid hassles

With one click, FORUM data management system receives the biometry data and reference image in DICOM format for later import into the computer assisted cataract surgery system CALLISTO eye. No need for manual transfer of data via portable storage media. Data when and where you need it.
Seamless data transfer

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Surgery and alignment

Skip manual intra-operative marking and align precisely

CALLISTO eye matches the reference image for alignment to the patient’s eye and tracks the image in real time. The target axis is displayed as an overlay on the live image for markerless and precise1 toric IOL alignment. No intra-operative marking of the cornea is necessary. Just skip it.

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Skip changing your visual field of reference and stay focused

The data injection function of the OPMI LUMERA family2 displays the markerless toric IOL alignment data in high resolution and color right where you need it – in the eyepiece. No distraction from the surgical field.
Pure focus.

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Prof. Oliver Findl, MD presents ZEISS Cataract Suite markerless

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ZEISS Cataract Suite markerless

Markerless toric IOL alignment with products designed to work together

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FORUM - Eye Care Data Management

Eye Care Data Management

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Learn more about ZEISS Cataract Suite markerless

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1 Clinical data of Prof. Findl / Dr. Hirnschall presented at ESCRS 2013 – technically verified pre- / intraoperative matching precision ± 1.0° in mean
2 ZEISS Cataract Suite markerless is available with: S7 / OPMI Lumera, S88 / OPMI Lumera T, OPMI Lumera i and OPMI Lumera 700