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Scanning Electron Microscopes

Microscopes for Electron Microscopy Sciences

Scanning Electron Microscopes for Materials & Life Sciences

Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) by Carl Zeiss deliver high resolution surface information and superior materials contrast. They are widely used in electron microscopy sciences and application fields such as nanotechnology, materials analysis, semiconductor failure analysis, life sciences and quality assurance.

EVO for Life Sciences

Capture outstanding topographical details at low voltages with beam deceleration and high definition backscattered electron – BSE – imaging. Put EVO to work on a wide range of life science samples.


EVO for Materials

Capture outstanding topographical details at low voltages with beam deceleration and high definition backscattered electron imaging. Put your EVO to work on a wide range of material samples.



Effortless imaging - get sub-nanometer resolution and high detection efficiency, even in variable pressure mode - feel like you’re working in high vacuum.


MERLIN Compact for Life Sciences

Imaging Power for the Nanometer World. MERLIN Compact with the proven GEMINI electron column enables high resolution imaging for life sciences samples. MERLIN Compact is your ideal choice for low-voltage and high-contrast imaging


MERLIN Compact for Materials

From Imaging to Multipurpose Nano-analysis Lab for Challenging Research Activities. MERLIN Compact and MERLIN VP Compact with the proven GEMINI I electron column enable high resolution imaging up to 0.8 nm (STEM mode) and nano analytics


MERLIN for Life Science

MERLIN is the ideal solution for complete image analysis and characterization of biological samples. With the highest beam current in a nanometer size spot, MERLIN provides the fastest imaging of large fields of view at FE-SEM resolution


MERLIN for Materials

MERLIN with the GEMINI II column combines ultra fast analytics, high resolution imaging using advanced detection modes, and future assured configuration flexibility on one single system


MultiSEM 505

With MultiSEM 505 you unleash the acquisition speed of 61 parallel electron beams. Now, you can image samples in the cm – scale at nanometer resolution


Sigma Family

Combine field emission SEM (FE-SEM) technology with advanced analytics. Image particles, surfaces, and nanostructures. Save time with the semi-automated 4-step workflow of Sigma.



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