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Your FIB-SEM for simultaneous milling and imaging

AURIGA Scanning Electron Microscope


Does working with your sample cover more than just imaging of the surface? Would you also like to know about the chemical composition or the morphology of your sample? Are you curious about in-depth 3D volume characteristics? Or do you even plan to modify or process your sample?

AURIGA, the FIB-SEM System combines the 3D imaging and analysis performance of the GEMINI e-Beam column with the ability of a FIB for material processing and sample preparation on a nanoscopic scale. Available as AURIGA 40 and AURIGA 60 with different chamber designs you profit from maximum flexibility in industrial quality control and material science.

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Unique Imaging

  • Imaging of non-conductive specimens using all standard detectors with local charge compensation
  • Simultaneous detection of topographical and compositional information with a unique detector scheme including EsB-technology
  • Investigation of magnetic samples with GEMINI objective lens design


Advanced Analytics

  • Analysis of non-conducting materials with local charge compensation
  • Multi-purpose chamber with whether 15 or 23 accessory ports
  • Optimum chamber geometry for the simultaneous integration of EDS, EBSD, STEM, WDS, SIMS etc.


Precise Processing

  • Innovative FIB technology with best-in-class resolution (< 2.5 nm)
  • High resolution live FE-SEM monitoring of the entire preparation process
  • Advanced gas processing technology for ion and e-beam assisted etching and deposition


Future Assured

  • Available as AURIGA 40 and AURIGA 60 with modified chamber design
  • Expandable platform concept based on GEMINI FE-SEM technology
  • Modular building blocks for value-adding functionality


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Information Beyond Resolution

The micromachining and structuring capabilities of the AURIGA FIB-SEM workstations open a wide field of applications that outreach far beyond standard sample preparation.

Being able to flexibly and precisely control the focused ion beam – possibly in combination with process gases – is key in scientific and industrial research and development. For productivity applications, reliability and ease of use are major factors that determine the quality of the beam control interface.

The NanoPatterning Engine Software addresses these requirements by providing a highly flexible yet intuitive user interface enabling most complex and high-accuracy structuring at 16 bit accuracy.

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FIB Slice Experience 1

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FIB Slice Experience 2

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FIB Slice Experience 3
HeLa cells

*All images: Courtesy of Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wanner, LMU Munich - Faculty of Biology

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Extend your AURIGA FIB-SEM system: ATLAS 3D is a package of hard- and software specifically designed for FIB nanotomography. You automatically create a 3D data stack at a resolution up to 32 k x 32 k pixels. Analyze thousands to millions of cubic micrometers of volume with nanometer scale resolution in all three dimensions.
Intelligent software algorithms reduce the amount of data and the time needed for acquisition. Profit from drift correction, autostigmation, autofocus and adaptive and dynamic 3D tracking support for fast and reliable results.

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