Particle Analyzer

Fast, High-Resolution Analysis for Every Particle Size

Measure particle size with Particle Analyzer. It’s the fully automated way to acquire reproducible results that conform to standards for analysis of particle size distributions.



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Particle Analyzer

Simplify Quality Control in Routine Industrial Tasks

When you analyze the residual contamination content in technical liquids or apply high standards of technical cleanliness during production processes, you will observe ever-smaller particles as you repeatedly inspect the same materials.

Particle Analyzer from Carl Zeiss is the light microscopy system of choice for residual dirt analysis and quality control in these kinds of routine industrial tasks. You can use it to identify particles based on their morphology and you can automatically capture, measure and record the particle size supporting standards such as ISO 16232, VDA 19 or ISO 4406/07.


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Practical, Single-Step Analysis of Complete Samples

Particle Analyzer from Carl Zeiss is a practical, precision system designed specifically for use in industrial environments.

It allows you to:

  • Record particle size accurately in all size classes
    Particle Analyzer’s motorized microscope system automatically ensures that all settings are chosen to measure particle size correctly – from the contrast technique and magnification and exposure time of the camera, right through to the illumination settings.
  • Analyze complete mosaic images in their overall context, simply and accurately
  • Automatically classify particle type, size and shape – quickly
  • Acquire reproducible results, even for the tiniest particles, supporting all relevant standards and norms
  • Identify the proportions of metallic and non-metallic particles in dirt analysis by the total volume of contamination


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Correlative Particle Analysis - Greater Insight, Higher Quality.

Characterize process-critical particles. Correlative Particle Analyzer combines your data from both light and electron microscopes. After you have detected particles with your light microscope, you can fully automate their relocation and EDX analysis with correlative particle analysis from Carl Zeiss. It is the best way to enhance the characterization of residual particles.

Correlative Particle Analyzer automatically supplies you with a report that integrates your results from both light and electron microscopic analysis. Correlative Particle Analyzer achieves results up to ten times faster than consecutive individual analysis on light and electron microscopes.

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Supports All Major Industry Standards

When you document technical cleanliness in the production process, you need to record fibrous, reflective and non-reflective particles supporting established standards – recording quantity, particle size and morphology supporting ISO 4406, ISO 16232 or VDA Volume 19. Particle Analyzer automatically sets the classes and class limits in conformity with your chosen standards and selects the appropriate measurement parameters. As a result, you will be able to produce appropriate reports and documentation.

Adaptability is another key advantage of Particle Analyzer’s analysis system. You will be able to use it to comply with new standards and company-specific requirements long before new software versions are issued.

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Particle Analyzer

Analyze Tiny Particles: Accurately and Reproducibly

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Correlative Particle Analysis

Quickly Characterize and Classify Particles Supporting ISO 16232 by Light and Electron Microscopy

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