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Definite Focus

Your feature to eliminate Z drift


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Definite Focus for Axio Observer.Z1

A Feature Designed to Eliminate Z Drift, thus Ensuring Maximum Reliability in Live Cell Imaging

Keep focused. Definite Focus uses the infrared light of an LED to sense the path length between the objective and the bottom of the culture vessel, and corrects the focusing, if necessary, via the Z control of Axio Observer.Z1.

You can start experiments without waiting for the complete microscope to reach thermal stability. Unrestricted fluorescence microscopy. The wavelength of the LED is 835 nm – way out of the excitation and emission spectra of all common fluorochromes.

Definite Focus permits dynamic temperature experiments. The desired temperature jumps are no problem, as Definite Focus will immediately compensate any drift.

Unimpaired flexibility. Definite Focus is compatible with all customary objectives and contrast methods. Use dishes with plastic or glass bottoms, as your application requires.

Use the unique operating concept of Axio Observer.Z1: The central TFT display lets you control or watch Definite Focus just like all other microscope components.

Ask your ZEISS contact about Definite Focus now!


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