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EVO LS Series for Environmental SEM

Put EVO to work on a wide range of life science samples. Capture outstanding topographical details at low voltages with beam deceleration and high definition backscattered electron – BSE – imaging. Benefit from full environmental capabilities to observe nano scale interactions of life science samples at different temperatures, pressures and humidities.

The unique X-ray geometry of EVO gives you highest resolution performance at analytical working conditions. Three different chamber sizes accept a wide range of specimen sizes for imaging. Use the high definition beam source technology of EVO HD to further increase image contrast and resolution.

Unrivalled Surface Imaging
Now you can visualize exceptionally fine surface details with crisp contrast using the low-kV high definition backscattered electron detector (HD BSD).

For beam sensitive samples or samples with surface topographies, beam deceleration technology achieves higher resolution and higher probe currents at lower acceleration voltages.

Drift correction during imaging further improves edge resolution. Combine this with the powerful beam source from EVO HD and profit from exceptional SEM image quality.

Environmental Electron Microscopy
EVO LS is your instrument of choice for observing life science and material samples at different temperatures, pressures and humidities.

Use EVO LS to gain insights into cells, plants and organisms in their natural state of hydration.

  • EVO LS is your all-round environmental SEM
  • Capture high quality images at extended pressures of up to 3000 Pa
  • Image wet samples with ease
  • Maintain computer-controlled environmental conditions to avoid dehydration artifacts


With EVO LS you profit from three chamber sizes and a wide range of detectors and software options.

EVO LS 10 is the SEM of choice for many life science samples.


EVO LS 10 includes:

  • Stage movement of 80x100x35 mm (X,Y,Z)
  • Maximum specimen height of 100 mm

EVO LS 15 is your analytical SEM of choice for a broader range of sample weights and dimensions.


EVO LS 15 includes:

  • Stage movement of 125x125x60 mm (X,Y,Z)
  • Maximum specimen height of 145 mm
  • Flexible chamber for addtional ports

EVO LS 25 is the SEM of choice for large and heavy hydrated samples.

EVO LS 25 includes:

  • BeamSleeve option for stage movement of 130x130x60 mm (X,Y,Z)
  • Maximum specimen height of 210 mm, weight of 5 kg and diameter of 300 mm
  • 4 quadrant and 5 segment backscatter imaging
  • Support for two chamberscopes


Introduce high definition beam technology to your SEM with EVO HD to increase image contrast and resolution at low acceleration voltages.

Profit from higher resolution: additional electrodes shape the emission from the filament to form a virtual source, exhibiting a reduced source diameter.

With EVO HD you benefit from a significant increase in brightness - up to a 100 times at low-kV, compared to conventional tungsten technology.

What’s more, you can enhance the performance of the EVO HD source even further by using the HD BSE detector and beam deceleration technology.

Use the flexibility and analytical imaging of your EVO for a wide range of applications including:

Plant Science

  • Morphology: study form and structure of plants
  • Phytopathology: study plant diseases caused by environmental conditions or pathogens, such as fungi, bacteria, nematodes and parasitic plants
  • Micromorphological analysis: combine the study of structure with microanalysis of content; understand the distribution of molecules and compounds within the plant and plant seed
  • Textile studies: use of crops for textile production to be a driver for efforts to maximize yield and manipulate microstructure for mechanical benefit


  • Describe new species and understand the evolutionary history of organisms
  • Examine unprepared soft tissue in full environmental mode, hexamethyldisilazane (HMDS) dehydrated or critically-point dried (CPD) soft tissue specimens
  • Image hard specimens, such as the shells of molluscs, crustaceans, insect and turtle shells and animal bones
  • Examine museum reference collections


  • Reveal and visualize structures in life sciences
  • Use a range of techniques from simple morphological studies on critical point dried and coated materials, examinations of fully hydrated biological tissues in Cryo or Environmental mode, to scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM)

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