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Your FE-SEM for nanoscale analytics

SIGMA Scanning Electron Microscope



Certified Refurbished Product

Your affordable pre-owned, re-worked ZEISS electron microscope


The SIGMA Series of Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopes (FE-SEM) delivers advanced analytical microscopy. Equipped with the GEMINI column with its in-lens secondary electron detection, the SIGMA series brings you unparalleled resolution, contrast and brightness for imaging highly topographical samples. Featuring high vacuum and variable pressure modes of operation you profit from high definition imaging of conducting and non-conducting samples.

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  • Analytical Performance
    The GEMINI column design provides superb low voltage imaging and stability. SIGMA is able to resolve structures as small as 1.5 nm. SIGMA HD delivers a further increase in resolution up to 1.0 nm.
  • Integrated Workflows
    Image navigation software is fully integrated into SmartSEM, facilitating navigation, orientation and positioning around your specimen in the chamber with the help of a digital overview image. Use SmartBrowse to view your images and their associated analytical data.
  • Highest Productivity
    Increase your productivity by mounting dual EDS detectors on the analytical chamber of your SIGMA HD. Profit from fast and accurate energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy.

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Available in both high vacuum and variable pressure modes, SIGMA HD (FE-SEM) incorporates advances in electronics, detectors and mechanics for imaging resolution as small as 1 nm.

High Definition Imaging

SIGMA HD introduces high definition imaging to analytical FE-SEM. A new, low kV optimised backscatter detector, HD BSD, samples at low acceleration voltages (750V to 3kV) and low probe currents. The new HD BSD also provides class leading imaging up to 30kV.

Rapid Elemental Mapping at High Resolution

The large image framestore of SIGMA HD combined with high speed electron beam scanning permits the rapid (50 ns per pixel), quantitative elemental mapping of high resolution fields of view (12K x 9K). The chamber also enables the simultaneous use of two EDS detectors mounted diametrically opposite each other for maximum solid angle detection. For beam sensitive samples, the dual EDS setup allows low probe currents to be used while maintaining high X-ray count rates.

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3View Turns Your ZEISS FE-SEM into a Fast High-Resolution 3D Imaging System

Combine your SIGMA with 3View technology from Gatan Inc. to acquire high resolution 3D data from resin embedded cell and tissue samples. In the shortest possible time. 

3View is an ultramicrotome inside the SEM chamber. The sample is continuously cut and imaged. You produce thousands of serial images in a single day – each perfectly aligned because they are all generated from one fixed block.

Your complete solution from Carl Zeiss

Use SIGMA 3View with variable pressure for optimal charge neutralization. Your system runs with unbeatable long term stability without any user intervention.

Large field of view

ZEISS GEMINI technology delivers up to 32k x 24k pixels in one scan at nm resolution. You image even large fields of view without blurring at the edges. And you won’t need to stitch images for most applications.

Highest speed

Depending on your application you get your 3D results up to 10 times faster with 3View. Speed up your application with SIGMA unique high current mode.

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Acquire images with up to 32 k x 32 k pixels, with dwell times from 100 ns to > 100 s, adjustable in 100 ns increments. Save your images with eight or sixteen bits of intensity. With the ATLAS Mosaic Tool you create large image montages.

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