Axio CSM 700

3D topography in true color. Fast. Accurate. Non-contact.

Axio CSM 700- 3D non-contact optical profilometer

Axio CSM 700 for Materials

Explore the Functionality of a 3D Non-contact Optical Profilometer

Measure surface topography and roughness accurately and quickly with Axio CSM 700: Non-contact image acquisition with true color in just seconds. Just think how that will simplify your routine, improve results and increase productivity.

Determine the surface roughness and measure heights of 20 nm step height up to the millimeter range in a vibration-free environment. With Axio CSM 700 you detect the light intensity and capture the height of your sample again and again - with absolute precision.

Your sample remains untouched during topographic measurement at more than 100 frames per second. Axio CSM 700 operates accurately with true color topographies – in three dimensions and at high resolution. The software is very easy to use with a number of analysis options, such as surface roughness measurements, layer thickness determination, and volume, angle and contact ratio measurements.

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Axio CSM 700 – Product Highlights

  • Take up to 100 frames per second –capture a complete z-stack in less than 30 seconds!
  • Analyze surface roughness in true color.
  • Examine surface roughness without physical contact.
  • Use software modules to complement many different analysis options including surface roughness measurements, layer thickness determination, particle analysis, lateral measurements, height measurements and measurements of volume, angle and contact ratio.
  • Flexible sample space for large objects.

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Axio CSM 700 for profiliometry analysis

Reap the Benefits of Outstanding Profilometry

Use your Axio CSM 700 to measure surface roughness and rapidly generate reproducible height profiles. Based on the high resolution microscopic color image, you can then decide where and how the height profile should be recorded. Mask damaged, non-representative areas on the sample. Track contours precisely.

Axio CSM 700 lets you calculate the parameters of surface roughness in conformity with the DIN EN ISO 4287 standard. You can also analyze surfaces and determine 3D properties such as the volume of lubricant residues.


Your Axio CSM 700 displays BAC and amplitude density function simultaneously. Take measurements for both 2D and 3D analysis of surface roughness in less than a minute.


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Axio CSM 700 – versatile to use

As Multifaceted as Your Surfaces

Axio CSM 700 makes measuring the radii and angles of metallic components in the micrometer range easy. You can analyze the surface roughness of small areas or profiles and use your findings to enhance service life and reduce the amount of lubricants.

Topographic measurement precision better than 0.1 µm in lateral direction and 0.02 µm in height. You can measure the thickness of transparent layers quickly and without physical contact, then use measurements to draw conclusions about the surface roughness, color, brilliance and other properties. You can examine polymers that are too soft to be measured with physical contact.


In addition to surface roughness, your Axio CSM 700 analyzes structures beneath the surface in layers, allowing you to document inhomogeneities, voids and inclusions.


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