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Axiocam MR

Your sensitive imaging camera

Imaging camera Axiocam MRc for image acquisition




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Axiocam MR

AxioCam MR Imaging Camera for Color- and Monochrome Imaging Applications

Fluorescence and Color Imaging at a Sensible Price

Reliable image acquisition of low-intensity fluorescence samples, living organisms and the finest color graduations. The image quality delivered by this microscope camera exceeds that of many other monochrome and color CCD cameras.

With a dynamic range of more than 1:2200, the highly sensitive 2/3” CCD sensor acquires up to 14 images per second in full sensor resolution. After image acquisition you will process and publish the images easily using the AxioVision imaging software provided.

For imaging applications in fluorescence microscopy, we recommend the Axiocam MRm. This monochrome version of the Axiocam MR provides maximum resolution without color interpolation and without a light-reducing filter mask.

  • Highly sensitive 2/3" CCD imaging sensor
  • Dynamic range of 1:2200
  • 3x12 Bit color depth
  • Fast live image with up to 31 frames/second
  • Expanded spectral range *
  • Near infrared sensitivity *
  • Higher resolution and more sensitive due to image sensor without filter mask *

As True to Color and Versatile as Nature Itself

Document your results with brilliant color accuracy. The Axiocam MRc allows image acquisition in color and brightness gradations with 12 bit resolution and a dynamic range of 1:2200 – all for an astonishingly good price.

The camera’s fast live image is updated up to 31 times per second. This means you can find your way around and focus on large-surface or living samples in next to no time.


Great Imaging Performance in Low Light

With its 6.45 µm x 6.45 µm pixels, imaging with the sensor of the Axiocam MR is extremely light-sensitive. Your delicate fluorescence samples will be treated extremely sensitive thanks to the short exposure times of this microscope camera. You obtain low-noise images in extraordinary quality.


Unlike a color camera, the Axiocam MRm does not use a light-reducing filter mask or an infrared barrier filter. This not only increases the sensitivity further, but there is also no need for color information to be interpolated. For you this means: images with 30 percent higher resolution than with a comparable color camera and an enhanced sensitivity spectrum into the near infrared.

Axiocam MRc - Impressively Simple

Brilliant Color Images for

Pages 4
Filesize 405 kB

Axiocam MRm - Pure Sensitivity

The New Standard for Digital Fluorescence Imaging

Pages 8
Filesize 2,499 kB

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