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AxioVision Microscopy Software



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Microscope Software

Whether you are a beginner in digital microscopy or an imaging expert, AxioVision will guide you to reproducible results with the aide of structured workflows. With our digital image processing software, you control essential parts of your ZEISS imaging system. All of the microscope settings and processing steps are adjusted quickly and easily in a single user interface. AxioVision allows to visualize and present your images in several dimensions. The functionality of this imaging toolbox expands constantly with a wide range of different modules that are tailored to specific applications or microscope accessories. Now and in the future, you need only one microscope software for your lab - AxioVision from Carl Zeiss.

The Right Module For Every Application

AxioVision offers countless functions for applications in the field of biological and medical routine research. Thanks to its modular concept, the software guarantees you other advantages too: you can tailor AxioVision precisely to your requirements and only need to learn to work with the functions you actually need. You will find the optimal AxioVision module for your individual task here.

Image Acquisition

With our acquisition modules you get two-dimensional images with a large depth of field or combined time-lapse and 3-dimensional fluorescence images in multiple dimensions.


Image Processing

Using the digital image processing software AxioVision means getting more information out of your images. These modules create the best possible conditions for precise analyses.


Image Analysis

Utilize all the information in your images. With the analysis modules of our digital image processing software AxioVision, you will carry out measurements and segmentation interactively or automatically.


Image Archiving

You can store and manage your files in a structured way in the Asset Archive module of our digital image processing software AxioVision. All related data records are saved under a single project number - this includes images, measurement results and reports. You will find what you are looking for quickly and never lose sight of the full picture.


Software Configuration

Whether you want to automate workflows for day-to-day laboratory work, create your own applications or record the history of your images in accordance with the FDA’s regulations, Our digital image processing software AxioVision can be configured to meet your own individual requirements.


Ask your ZEISS contact about AxioVision now!

Features & Functionality
  • Control ZEISS microscopes and components interactively
  • Acquire high-resolution images with up to 16 bit (monochrome) and 3x16 bit (color)
  • Adjust display parameters without manipulation of pixel intensity values
  • Assign annotations and geometric scalings to acquired images instantly
  • Store microscope- and camera settings as meta information directly in the ZVI image
  • Save images in compressed ZVI file format
  • Specific interface configurations for Windows multi-user environment
  • Image import: lsm, bmp, tif, jpg, j2k, jp2, gif, tga, png, cal, mac, msp, ras, pct, eps, wmf, psd, img, cmp
  • Image export: bmp, jpg, j2k, tif, tga, png, psd, img, cmp, avi, mov
  • Assign image annotations
  • Measure intensity profiles like length, area, perimeter, circle or angle interactively
  • Count and mark events on images
  • View multidimensional images in every dimension with the gallery view
  • Compare images in splitter display mode synchronous or independent
  • Generate meaningful reports containing images, data tables and graphs
  • Editor to create customized report layouts
  • Print images in standard magnification
  • Align z-stack images taken with stereo microscopes
  • Use powerfull data processing functions
  • Increase apparent sharpness with Unsharp Masking
  • Adjust exposure time in the live image automatically

Please note that AxioVision is available for Microsoft Windows only. Depending of the software release, AxioVision provides different features and functions. In addition to that you can upgrade the software with optional modules to meet your imaging demands.

Ask your ZEISS contact about AxioVision now!

Download Microscope Software AxioVision LE

in 64-Bit Version
Download the freeware version of the imaging software for image analysis and digital microscopy.


AxioVision Rel. 48 Take off Guide

Tutorial to get started with the AxioVision Imaging System (Based on Release 4.8 June 2009)

Pages: 41
Filesize: 4,701 kB
Revision 2012-08-03


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