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All Binoculars from ZEISS

Precision for the decisive moment

Get closer to the game than ever before and experience images that you will never forget. Brilliance, contrast and brightness ensure a colour-intensive visual experience with fascinating detail — even under the most difficult lighting conditions. Superior ergonomics and highly innovative optical concepts combine to make you and your Carl Zeiss binoculars a superior unit.

Victory VICTORY HT HT 8x42
HT 10x42
HT 8x54 HT 10x54
  Victory FL 8x32 T* FL 10x32 T* FL    
  Victory Compact 8x20 T* 10x25 T*    
Conquest CONQUEST HD HD 8x32
HD 10x32
HD 8x42 HD 10x42
HD 10x56
HD 15x56

  Conquest Compact 8x20 T* 10x25 T*    
Terra TERRA ED ED 8x42 ED 10x42    
Laser Rangefinder
Victory RF 8x45 T* RF 10x45 T* RF 8x56 T* RF 10x56 T* RF
  Victory PRF 8x26 T* PRF      
Specialist Binoculars
Dialyt 8x56 GA T*      
  Marine 7x50 GA T*      
  Image stabilisation
20x60 T* S      
Night Vision Victory NV
NV 5.6x62 T*      
Monoculars Mono
3x12 T*
4x12 T* 6x18 T*  
    8x20 T* 10x25 T*    
5x10 T*      


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