Our expertise

Carl Zeiss products have stood for optics expertise for nearly 165 years. Take advantage of the invaluable moments that an exceptional visual experience offers you.

Our core areas of expertise lies first and foremost in our handling of glass: The most highly sophisticated optical concepts guarantee you a breathtaking visual experience with detailed images in thrilling colours. The groundbreaking Carl Zeiss invention of the coating of lenses also guarantees the brightest images under the most difficult light conditions. Developed in the 1930s and continually refined, Carl Zeiss optics are the brightest in the world. At high magnifications, they help you with detailed and comfortable viewing.
The extraordinary 20x60 is an impressive testament to the mechanical expertise of Carl Zeiss. Without fragile electronics and completely silent, the image is steadied, so you can see everything in detail.

For anyone who wants to go long range, Carl Zeiss offers the most innovative and intuitive ballistic solutions on the market: with the bullet drop compensation, which precisely compensates for the bullet drop at long range or the Rapid-Z® ballistic reticle, which sets the holdover point at distances of up to 700 meters. With ZEISS, the long-range shot is no guessing game, but precise technology – everything for your hunting success.