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Questions and Answers

Do you have any questions about our products? In our FAQ section you will find answers to many frequently asked questions to do with our products, accessories and applications.

Practical accessories for Zeiss riflescopes

Precise, safe and quick

For safe transport, simple sighting in or even easier handling - the accessory for Carl Zeiss riflescopes offers you many possibilities.

For an intuitive ballistic solution Carl Zeiss offers the ASV or ASV+ for retrofitting.

Remote Control

for the Victory Diarange

The optional remote control makes it possible for you to activate the rangefinder from any point along the front shaft. You can therefore position the trigger for the rangefinder at the point on your rifle where it is easy to operate from your preferred shooting position. In this way you never lose your firm grip on the rifle.

Protective cap

for the Victory Z-Point

The best way to protect your Victory Z-Point from dirt and during transport is with the special protective cap. This keeps your sight free of dirt and scratches, ready for the next time it is used. Simply remove the cap and you are ready to take aim quickly.

Bullet drop compensator


The bullet drop compensator (ASV or ASV+) from Carl Zeiss is probably the most intuitive ballistic solution on the market- easy to use and exceptionally precise. The knob normally used to adjust the height is replaced by a non-slip adjuster ring with a distance scale. Before taking your shot simply turn the ASV to the measured distance - and aim accurately. It has never been easier to overcome the problem of long-range shooting.


Adjustment tool

for the Victory Z-Point

Use the adjustment tool provided for quick mounting and secure and precise sighting in.



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