The right spectacle frames for children

Making decisions is never easy. And it's not only the look that is important in the choice of spectacle frames for children.

According to statistics, approximately one in five children need spectacles. At first glance, colour and "coolness" are the most important factors in the choice of spectacles for children. After all, your child should have a positive feeling about spectacles. Nevertheless, as a parent you should...


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Spectacles for Children


Help, does my child need spectacles?

Why it's so important for babies and children to have eye tests on a regular basis.
Just like adults, children perceive about 80 % of their impressions visually. Good, sharp vision is therefore fundamentally important for children development. What should parents know before visiting...


More than just cool: sun protection for children's eyes

Sunglasses can be pretty cool - even on children. However, protecting your child's sensitive eyes is more important than looking cool.
Whether you're vacationing at the beach or relaxing in your garden at home – when the sun is shining, kids love to play outside. Most parents remember to put sunscreen and sunhats on their children, but...


MyoVision™ – the innovative spectacle lenses for myopia control

Reducing myopia progression is an important issue, particularly for children in Asia, where nearsightedness is considerably on the rise.
Myopia (nearsightedness) is a visual challenge spanning the globe, occurring across all ages and ethnicities. The root causes of myopia remain a mystery, though recent studies have demonstrated a link...


Giving Children Perfect Vision

Children’s glasses have to meet demanding standards
Children’s glasses have to be tough and withstand activities such as sports, school, and playtime. A child’s glasses should be unbreakable, flexible and as lightweight as possible.


You might wonder - do I need to wear glasses?

For some of us, it happens at a young age, while others notice a change in their mid-40s. When eyesight declines, spectacles customised by an expert can help restore your vision.
You notice it suddenly – a decline in vision. The symptoms of declining vision can vary. For some people, it becomes difficult to read traffic signs quickly and from a distance. For others, they notice...


The eyes of our children

When a child is born, it can see instantly. However, its visual acuity does have to develop over time.
The newborn’s eyes are beaming, a smile brightens up its face – those are among the most amazing moments for a mother as she holds her baby in her arms. At this stage the baby’s eyes are still developing...