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Self-tinting spectacle lenses: comfortable and relaxed vision for everyone

BETTER VISION asked Volker Gahr – the Senior Product Manager responsible at ZEISS for ZEISS PhotoFusion – to describe the key features of modern photochromic lenses
As every spectacle wearer knows, the ideal scenario is when you don't even notice you're wearing spectacles because they adapt so well to each and every situation. So the need to keep switching back and...


What's the difference between individualised spectacle lenses and "off-the-shelf" lenses?

How spectacles can help you regain natural vision.
You can't tell whether a spectacle lens is individualised or "off-the-shelf" by just looking at it. So where does the difference lie? Which spectacle wearers have the most to gain from individually...


Why do people see differently?

Richer colours, better night vision, enhanced contrast – for better use of our full vision potential.
Whether colour perception, 3D vision or night vision: they all vary from one person to the next. Why does visual performance vary so much from one person to another – and how can we improve our eyesight...


Wrap, slim or colourful: ZEISS lenses fit the bill every time!

Fashionable frames & precision lenses? A challenge that demands the utmost in optical know-how
Every season, the catwalks in the world's major fashion meccas give us a fascinating glimpse of things to come. This also applies to eyewear. With their inventive creations, designers repeatedly confront...


Health problem: watery eyes

If your eyes are watery constantly, the cause may be an eye condition
When laughing or crying, it is completely normal: the tear ducts open and the tears flow. But when your eyes begin to water without any apparent reason, an eye condition may be the reason. There is no...


ZEISS Digital Lenses: Spectacle lenses for users of digital devices

New lifestyles pose new challenges to our vision.
  Digital devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs have become our constant companions in daily life. They simplify our lives and define our lifestyle. The more we use them, the more we are required...


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Ophthalmic optics today: How optical consultation has changed over the past 10 years

Volker Meyer and Heinrich Rath from Aalen University in Germany, spoke with BETTER VISION
In the 13th century Italian monks fashioned the predecessors of our modern spectacles from partially ground lenses made of beryl crystals found in the mountains. Much has changed since then with regard to the development of vision solutions. Vision problems...


Spectacles for pilots – perfect vision even above the clouds

Whether professional or amateur, pilots need spectacles that allow them to see clearly, even in extreme lighting and weather conditions.
Spectacles for pilots have a demanding job: more so than in almost any other application, they have to perfectly optimise the wearer's vision and compensate for extreme visibility conditions. For sailing,...


Ten tips for choosing the right lens coating

BETTER VISION with new lens coatings – for more comfort and greater durability
Coatings put the perfect finishing touch to your lenses. They turn your spectacles into a masterpiece of technology that will help you enjoy outstanding visual comfort. Lenses with the right prescription for your needs are not enough to guarantee optimum...


Dry eyes – what to do when they burn and get itchy?

Dry eyes are a common reason for people to go to an ophthalmologist.
Dry eyes are unpleasant and can be painful. A possible cause is a problem with the eye's natural moisture, i.e. that the body does not produce sufficient tear fluid. This can be triggered by environmental factors, illness, or medicines and an  ophthalmologist...


How 3D spectacles work

New 3D spectacles such as the cinemizer by ZEISS open up whole new worlds of entertainment for your eyes
As humans, our stereoscopic vision has given us an evolutionary advantage since primeval times. Finally, thanks to sophisticated 3D spectacles, we can now watch TV or big-screen movies in 3D. This modern technology attempts to trick the mind by imitating...


Did you know that eyeglasses can influence works of art?

Claude Monet was the most famous French Impressionist. His painting entitled “Impression, soleil levant” (“Impression, sunrise”) from 1872 gave the entire movement its name. In contrast to the conventional realistic painting of the time, it was distinguished...