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Anti-reflective Coatings

Uncoated lens vs. ZEISS AR Coating

Uncoated lens vs. ZEISS AR Coating

Precision lenses from ZEISS help you achieve exceptionally sharp vision. But annoying reflections from the surface of your lenses can reduce the quality of your vision while also making your lenses appear more conspicuous to others. Distracting surface reflections interfere with vision and serve as “visual noise” that degrades visual clarity, particularly in low-light conditions such as night driving. Uncoated eyeglass lenses are also susceptible to scratching from cleaning or normal wear and tear, which can compromise your vision quality.


ZEISS invented anti-reflective coating technology to address these issues, and continues to develop clearer, more durable lens coatings to ensure that you see your best, look your best, and protect your lenses, no matter what life throws at you. ZEISS coatings are designed to improve your vision, make your lenses easier to clean, and protect your lenses from wear and tear.

"The clarity of these lenses is amazing. They are so much easier to keep clean and so bright."

Bonnie, Greenville, SC



Many lens manufacturers offer scratch-resistant or anti-reflective coatings for their products. But ZEISS goes further with its leading-edge PureCoat® PLUS lens process. PureCoat® PLUS combines advanced anti-reflective and scratch-resistant technology with an innovative anti-static element that prevents dust and dirt from sticking to the lenses. The lens surface is then sealed with a super-slick top coating that reduces water, oil, and grease, making the lenses exceptionally easy to clean.

Anti-reflective Technology

Lenses without anti-reflective technology reflect a significant amount of light. Surface reflections from lenses can distract the wearer and even interfere with vision, particularly in low-light conditions like night driving or when performing intensive visual tasks like computer use. The anti-reflective technology within the ZEISS PureCoat® PLUS process helps reduce reflections to less than 1% of the incident light — compared with 7% to 13% for uncoated lenses.

Scratch-resistant Technology

Plastic lenses help make glasses lighter and more comfortable, but they’re much more prone to scratches than glass lenses. The high scratch-resistance technology of ZEISS PureCoat® PLUS helps keep lenses from developing scratches from cleaning and normal wear and tear.

Anti-static Technology

Dirt and dust can cling to traditional untreated lenses, reducing vision quality and leading to scratches when cleaning. The premium anti-static element in ZEISS PureCoat® PLUS helps repel contaminants like dust and debris.

Hydrophobic Technology

Grease, water, and oil will more readily slide off the surface of lenses treated with this super-slick coating, so the lenses are easier to clean and stay clean longer.


Ask your Eyecare Professional about ZEISS PureCoat® PLUS anti-reflective coating today to enhance your vision.