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15 Years of Individualized Lenses with Freeform Technology from ZEISS

15 Years of Individualized Lenses with Freeform Technology from ZEISS

Something everyone thought impossible in the past: progressive lenses that are as individual as their wearers are now the measure of all things.

May 12, 2000 was a milestone in the history of eyeglass lenses: the first progressive lenses that could be fitted for each individual wearer were born – Gradal® Individual from ZEISS. This technology for individualized production of progressive lenses has remained revolutionary to this very day and is providing increasing...


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Glass finishing


ZEISS lens coatings for all requirements

Take your pick!
Lens coatings are like finding the right coat to match the perfect dress or suit: they provide everyday protection for your eyeglasses. A modular system which allows you to choose what you want – to ensure...


Ten tips for choosing the right lens coating

BETTER VISION with new lens coatings – for more comfort and greater durability
Coatings add the perfect finishing touch to your lenses. They turn your eyeglasses into a masterpiece of technology that will help you enjoy outstanding visual comfort. Lenses with the right prescription...


Eyeglass lens coatings should ideally be able to do everything

BETTER VISION interviews the Product Manager for DuraVision® Platinum, the most robust ZEISS lens coating ever.
We use our eyeglasses every day without thinking about not only what they can do optically, but also how robust they have to be to withstand all that they are subjected to. And that's the way things should...


Why a second pair of glasses is worth it

There are many situations that make a second pair of eyeglasses the most important accessory you can have.
Not a luxury, but rather very smart: a second pair of glasses makes sense not only if you want to change your look, but also in case you misplace or forget your main pair. For those with presbyopia or...


How should I take care of my prescription eyeglass lenses?

If you take good care of your glasses, you'll find it easier to keep everything in focus. Here are our tips.
Today's modern prescription eyeglass lenses really are a miracle of technology. If you want to enjoy your glasses for as long as possible, it's not only important to take good care of them. It's also important...


Taking Photos with Glasses

Brilliant photos or successful snapshots are no problem for eyeglass wearers
When taking pictures, every photographer naturally tries to look as closely as possible through the viewfinder in order to get the best shot. This is not possible for eyeglass wearers. Nevertheless, taking...


More robust. Dirt-resistant. Easy to clean: The new innovative eyeglass lens coating from ZEISS makes it possible

The hardest ZEISS eyeglass lenses ever thanks to the new DuraVision® Platinum technology
Good eyeglass lens coatings are a constant issue among glasses wearers. It's the quality of the coating of eyeglass lenses that makes the difference: How robust is lens coating? How long is its service...


Constant clear visibility thanks to high-tech coatings

Innovative eyeglass lens finishes that optimally protect your eyeglass lenses and increase your visual comfort
Obviously, we glasses wearers know that eyeglass lens coatings are important. Nowadays, it is almost taken for granted that a new pair of glasses will have antireflective eyeglass lenses and a hard coating....


Not all sunglasses are the same

UV protection, tinting, polarizing lenses or special solar protection for sports activities – customized sunglasses offer all options
Did you know that a stylish frame is not the only thing you should look for when you buy a pair of sunglasses? First and foremost, make sure you get premium-quality lenses that are customized for your...


And suddenly you see more – even at night and in low light

ZEISS introduces a new lens concept for better vision: enjoy clearer, high-contrast vision at night and in low light
Improved night vision: Many people who wear these eyeglasses wouldn’t dream of being without them in the future. They have decided to go with ZEISS precision lenses featuring i.Scription® technology....


Precision is our business

Optical innovation is not a matter of luck at Carl Zeiss
Figuring out what defines performance and drives Carl Zeiss takes just one look at its more than 160 years of corporate history. We are driven by precision.


Carl Zeiss Vision – Count on Getting Something Extra Every Time

For more than 160 years, Carl Zeiss’ innovative drive has helped improve the world of vision
  From far away to close-up; from telescopes used in space in Google Earth satellites to electronic microscopes used in research; from precision to maximum dependability; from professional film camera...


Eyeglass Cleaning and Care

A few tips for better eyeglass care
It only takes a second – a greasy fingerprint suddenly appears on your lens, debris and dust make it harder for you to see, or moisture creates a film that fogs up your glasses. What now? Many of us grab...


Vision Problems Despite a New Pair of Glasses?

You may have to get used to your new glasses before you can get the most out of them
Your new glasses look stylish and fit you perfectly. The only problem: You still cannot see clearly. You may be wondering what might be wrong with them. How come your vision is not perfect despite your...


Make-Up Tips for Women Who Wear Glasses and Contact Lenses

Tricks for superior eye make-up that sets the stage for your eyes behind glasses
Many women who wear glasses and contact lenses are familiar with the problem: It can be quite difficult to create dramatic eye make-up when you wear glasses. Not only do lenses and eyeglass frames have...


Do Yellow Lenses Make People Happier?

Better vision thanks to shaded lenses
Shaded lenses will indeed bring color into your life. But what are the benefits of shaded lenses? Which shading is the most beneficial and what colors drive the latest fashion trends? This article will...


Steer Your Way to Clear Night Vision

Take no chances when it comes to traffic safety.
The transition periods of autumn and winter are particularly hard on our eyes: The sun hangs low in the sky in the mornings and early evenings, darkness sets in earlier; long twilight phases and frequent...


Lens Coatings: Anti-Reflection, Clean Coat, Etc.

Beyond tinted lens technology – today’s lens coating options
Lens coating: This technique warrants crystal-clear vision in any weather, repels dirt, and simplifies lens maintenance. It can even enhance the cosmetic appearance of your glasses. Coatings for eyeglass...


How are lenses made?

The process of manufacturing lenses – the key component of every pair of eyeglasses
Whether they are made from glass or plastic, optical lenses undergo a complex process before they are placed into an eyeglass frame. Here are some insights into the development of a product some consider...


Hot Trend: Colored Lenses

How to go color crazy with shaded lenses
Colored or shaded lenses have been on the market for quite some time. Fashion trends drive this product and the available palette covers an impressive spectrum. This article provides insights into how...


Life Has Too Much to Offer to See it Through Only One Pair of Glasses

If you are like most people, you probably have more than a single pair of shoes in your closet - but do you have a second pair of glasses?
There is no such thing as a perfect pair of glasses. Some might think this statement is ridiculous. If you do, think again: Every situation in life, each activity and the ever changing weather – they all...


Polarized lenses – better vision

Versatile lenses for sunglasses, driving and many other uses
Skiers, pilots and water sports enthusiasts are sold on them. However, these lenses are also excellent solutions for virtually anyone who wears glasses: lenses with polarizing effects.


Get the best protection for your eyes

Eyes are very sensitive and completely irreplaceable: Hazards to the eye are many and can have disastrous consequences
Anything could happen to our eyes in an instant, whether at the workplace or while engaging in recreation and sports. Our sight organs are too valuable to expose them to any unnecessary hazards. Opt for...



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