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Precision Lenses for Optimal Results

ZEISS lenses target the unique needs of your patients, providing them with excellent vision.

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i.Terminal® 2 by ZEISS — the standard of care in digital centration

Optimal vision is not possible without precise lens centration.
As a result of fitting errors, lenses can lose more than 40% of their optical performance. With the i.Terminal 2 by ZEISS, fitting parameters are quickly captured for advanced lens customization — allowing you to deliver an ideal fit for each patient and a premium patient experience.

i.Terminal 2 – maximum precision for satisfied patients

The optical center of the lens is where the best vision can be achieved, and it should be directly in front of the pupils to avoid decreased lens performance. i.Terminal 2 captures and calculates your patient’s individual parameters with the click of a button and an accuracy of 0.1mm.

The i.Terminal 2 by ZEISS can provide you with:

  • Reduced fitting errors that can decrease lens performance
  • Fast photo acquisition, measurement, and data processing
  • Ease of use with flexibility of patient positioning and height
  • Precise measurement of all fitting parameters to tap the full potential of individualized lenses

Fast, simple, and precise to use

i.Terminal 2 by ZEISS is fast, simple and precise

The i.Terminal 2 by ZEISS captures the following data:

  • Frame data (A,B,DBL)
  • Interpupillary distance (PD)
  • Monocular distance (Mono PD)
  • Fitting height, segment height
  • Back vertex distance (BVD)
  • Pantoscopic angle (PA)
  • Wrap angle
  • Head rotation


Your benefits:

  • Practice differentiation
  • Increased patient loyalty and conversion
  • Improved patient satisfaction

With the precision and accuracy of the i.Terminal 2 you can show your patients that exceptional lens performance is indeed possible.

All measurement data from the i.Terminal 2 is immediately saved to the i.Com 2 data management system, where it can be used for future consultations or eyeglass lens orders.

i.Terminal 2

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i.Terminal 2
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Find out more about how the i.Terminal 2 by ZEISS can benefit your practice.

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To learn more about i.Terminal 2

Download the following:

i.Demo™ — the interactive demonstration tool for ZEISS precision lenses

Upgrade your patients to a better lens with the i.Demo demonstration software, which is included with the i.Terminal 2. Fully animated and intuitive, i.Demo marks a milestone in patient consultation.

Demonstrate key product benefits in a simple and impressive way with the following capabilities:

  • Easily helps patients understand their lens options.
  • Product tier is displayed with a well-established quality star system.
  • Displays how premium upgrades will look and perform.
  • All fitting parameters are shown at a glance.
  • Results can be printed, saved, and transferred to a third-party practice management system.

The i.Demo software provides impressive images for demonstrating the features of ZEISS lenses, ranging from the specific advantages of various materials to coatings and sun protection. In-depth explanations help patients to understand the capabilities of their individualized lenses.

Give your patients the information they desire to make confident eyewear choices.

i.Demo™ - Consumer Mode


i.Demo™ - Consumer Mode