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Sustainability at ZEISS

Sustainability in the ZEISS corporate strategy

At ZEISS, sustainability and business success are inextricably linked. ZEISS understands that growth is only possible in an intact environment that is open to innovation. Only companies that respect the needs and motivations of others – particularly customers, business partners, employees and local communities – and cooperate with them on an ongoing basis can achieve long-term business success.

As part of its corporate strategy, ZEISS has placed value for society, climate action and circular economy at the focus of its sustainability efforts, setting specific targets for the period up to 2025.

  • Value for society

    Value for society

    As a foundation company, ZEISS has a responsibility to care for the environment and thus also for the people living near its sites, which means supporting them and improving quality of life for humanity. ZEISS contributes to creating a sustainable society that will provide as many people as possible with access to education, high-quality healthcare and rewarding job opportunities.

  • Climate action

    Climate action

    Carbon emissions cause global warming, and warmer and rising sea levels. They pose a threat to our livelihoods. ZEISS aims to achieve carbon neutrality in its own activities (Scope 1 und 2 emissions) by 2025.

  • Circular economy

    Circular economy

    ZEISS strives for a circular use of resources with a view to reducing the impact on the environment. To achieve this, more renewable energy resources and recycled materials will be deployed, while loops are being closed. The aim is to further reduce water consumption, waste generation and energy consumption.

Sustainability has always been a fundamental principle for ZEISS.


A commitment to the common good and to finding solutions for key societal issues are part and parcel of the Company’s ethos.

Dr. Karl Lamprecht

President & CEO of the ZEISS Group

The ZEISS Sustainability Program

ZEISS' commitment to sustainability is anchored in the strategic #agenda25. As part of the #agenda25, ZEISS launched a Group-wide sustainability program with the following five key topics. With these five key topics, the focus in fiscal year 2021/22 was more than ever on sustainability.

  • Sustainable energy supply and energy-efficient infrastructure
  • Sustainable product development
  • Implementation of new environmentally sustainable business models
  • Sustainability in procurement and logistics
  • Strengthening social engagement and social business models.
  • Sustainability milestones

    at ZEISS

  • 1846

    The Company is founded

  • 1875

    ZEISS establishes first Company health insurance fund

  • 1889

    The Carl Zeiss Foundation is established

  • 1900

    The eight-hour day is introduced.

  • 1993

    Annual environmental performance indicators are monitored

  • 2007

    ZEISS Code of Conduct comes into force worldwide

  • 2008

    Carl Zeiss Promotion Fund is established

  • 2015

    EU sites are certified to the ISO 50001 energy management standard

  • 2019

    ZEISS achieves sustainability targets for energy and water consumption, waste generation and CO2 emissions

  • 2020/21

    ZEISS enshrines sustainability in Group strategy and launches Group-wide sustainability program

  • 2022

    ZEISS sets new environmental targets for 2025

How innovative solutions
help to make the future more sustainable

Sustainability at ZEISS comes in many forms. The following examples provide a view into sustainability initiatives and projects at ZEISS.

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