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ZEISS Moon Landing Weeks –
20 July to 15 September 2019

Save up to
EUR 250*

Inspiring generations to see beyond... and go beyond.

On 20 July 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first person ever to set foot on the surface of the moon, an event that demanded a redefinition of the limits of the technically possible and inspired the creation of what was previously unimaginable. ZEISS played an important role in this – with camera lenses designed and constructed specifically for use in space that enabled astronauts to capture images of this monumental achievement. Monumental events can, of course, also take place at a purely personal level and become a part of your own, unique story. Create your own iconic images – with lenses that reproduce precisely what you see in your mind’s eye.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, the ZEISS Moon Landing Weeks from 20 July to 15 September 2019 are offering you the chance to save up to EUR 250* on the list price of selected Batis, Touit (E-Mount only) and Loxia lenses from ZEISS. If you are looking for perfect image quality and a lense that fits to your E-Mount** camera, these are the lenses that meet your needs.

But read yourself!

Save up to EUR 250*

Choose from a range of ZEISS Batis, Touit (E-Mount only) and Loxia promotion products

From 20 July to 15 September 2019

*This offer applies only to selected lenses from the Batis, Touit and Loxia lens families. Purchases are limited to one piece per lens type and per customer. The offer is valid only for purchases from currently authorized and participating ZEISS specialist dealers and from our ZEISS Web shop. The discounts are deducted from the manufacturer's recommended retail price. ZEISS and participating dealers reserve the right to cancel this program at any time, also when insufficient stocks are available to sustain the programme.

**Sony and E-mount are registered trademarks of Sony Corporation. 

The limits of the technically possible – redefined.

Did you know that around 33,000 images were captured during the Apollo-Project between 1961 and 1972? ZEISS designed and constructed a lens specifically for the moon landings: the Biogon 5.6/60 wide-angle lens. The aim was to capture images of the lunar surface with excellent contrast and maximum sharpness – from corner to corner and edge to edge.

Source: NASA
Source: NASA
Source: NASA

ZEISS Batis Lenses

Professional full-frame AF lenses for mirrorless system cameras from Sony.**

The creation of something wonderful with exceptional technology.

ZEISS Batis lenses

Fully compatible with all Sony E-Mount** full frame mirrorless cameras, the ZEISS Batis autofocus lens family meets the customary ZEISS quality and imaging standards and enables you to focus completely on your vision, your subject and the realisation of your creative ideas.

The perfect symbiosis of cutting-edge technology and fascinating art.

For the unmistakeable ZEISS look

ZEISS T* multi-layer coating ensures the authentic, clear and true-to-life rendition of colours that lends your images their vibrant character. With the ZEISS Batis family of premium prime lenses, you also achieve the highest possible sharpness and resolution of details from the centre to the edges of each image.

With the lens wide open, the magical ZEISS 3D Pop Effect makes sharply focused areas appear to jump out of the photo, almost as if in three dimensions.

© Ed Norton
© Ed Norton
© Andreas Bogenschütz
© Ed Norton
© Andreas Bogenschütz

ZEISS Touit Lenses

High image quality with a fast and accurate autofocus function.

When the passion for details becomes visible.

ZEISS Touit lenses

ZEISS Touit lenses maximise the potential of APS-C format system cameras. Whether you use a macro, a standard or a wide-angle lens – outstanding image quality is guaranteed. Thanks to the non-slip, rubber coated focusing ring, the finest manual adjustments can be made to the results of their smooth and precise autofocus. Experience the passion for details – and capture it in your pictures.

Outstanding picture quality with fast and precise autofocus.

An individually calculated and calibrated optical system ensures exceptional imaging performance

Together, the ZEISS Touit lenses constitute a lightweight and robust system you can rely on. Combining robust metal construction and lightweight barrels, their innovative product design and premium finishing ensures many years of intensive use.

© Michael Pollmann
© Bertram Hönlinger
© Michael Pollmann
© Michael Pollmann
© Richard Schleuning

ZEISS Loxia Lenses

Compact, full-frame MF lenses for mirrorless system cameras from Sony.**

Hold boundless creative freedom in your hands.

ZEISS Loxia lenses

With ZEISS Loxia lenses, the focus is firmly set on your creative freedom. Discover the fascination of the creative opportunities made possible by mechanical aperture control and precise manual focusing.

Manual focusing, manual aperture setting and maximum imaging quality.

Tools with enormous creative potential

The lenses of the ZEISS Loxia family are intentionally constructed without autofocus. This makes them compact in size and an excellent choice for travel and street photography. A special highlight of the lenses is the de-click option, the mechanical deactivation of aperture detents to enable smooth, stepless and silent aperture control.

© Bastian Kratzke
© Wahyudhy Zukara
© Jeff Hsiao
© Christian Dandyk
© Christian Dandyk
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