SLR lenses with F bayonet mount for cameras from Nikon

The manually focusable ZF lenses (for F mount) are equipped with the AI aperture coupling as well as the pre AI coupling. They do not include CPU coupling. Due to this, exposure metering and control is possible with all corresponding camera models. Used with camera models without AI or fork coupling the aperture is closed to the pre-selected value, but metering and automatic aperture control is not possible.

F, F2, EL, FE, FM, Nikkormat-Series, F3, FM3A
F50, F55, F65, F75, F80, F401, D40, D40x, D50, D60, D70, D70s, D80, D90, D100, D3000, D5000, D3100, D5100, D3200, D5200
FG, FA, F301, F501, F4, F5 ●² ●²
F70, F90/F90x, F100, F601, F801, D1, D1X or D1H
F6, D300, D300s, D3, D3X, D200, D700, D7000, D3s, D800, D800E, D600 or D2-Series ●³
FujiFilm FinePix S1Pro, S2Pro, S3 Pro ○¹
FujiFilm FinePix S5 Pro ●³
Kodak Pro 14n ○¹
● compatible   ◁ partly compatible    ○ incompatible

¹ manual correction not possible
² is possible to a limited extent if the camera model allows aperture priority setting
³ additional functions available by entering the speed and focal length in the camera menu

Manual Exposure Setting
Shutter Priority (Aperture value automatically set by camera)
Aperture Priority (Shutter speed automatically set by camera)
Automatic Exposure Control

The table only takes well-known camera models with F bayonet since 1959 into consideration.

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