assembly and alignment

Assembly and Alignment

Low-contamination, precise, reproducible.

We assemble components to create optical systems under controlled environmental conditions, i.e. at max. 55% humidity, a temperature stability of 0.1K and cleanroom conditions between ISO 7 and ISO 5. Thus, we fulfill the conditions for low-contamination assembly and precise alignment and measurement results.

Computer-assisted alignment completes the assembly process. Our measuring devices automatically determine the current performance of the system in terms of aberration correction. By integrating system measuring technology into the alignment process, we guarantee calculated image quality, and we provide a report of all parameters on request. Assembly and alignment under controlled environmental conditions. Our testing platform is set up for every optical system. We use flexible setups for prototypes as well as specialized setups for serial processes.

Our optical systems are established in very diverse industrial sectors such as: ophthalmology, aerial photography, laser materials processing, the printing industry, industrial metrology, geodesy, wafer testing and astronomy. Our product spectrum includes high-quality standard products such as ablation, microscope and telecentric lenses.

  • Lenses and Optical Components
    • Manufacturing of prototypes, small and large volumes
    • Lens diameter from 1 to 400 mm
    • Wavelength range from 193 to 1700 nm
  • Cleaning
    • Removal of particles and organic materials
    • Washing and cleaning by hand, ultrasonic tank
    • Plasmatization, UV burning
  • Assembly
    • Assembly clearance of up to 2 µm
    • Constant focus adjustment of up to 1 µm
    • Assembly under nitrogen (quality: 5.0)
    • Cleanroom assembly in accordance with ISO 5, ISO 6, ISO 7
  • Mounting
    • Optics in mechanical part: low-strain down to λ/30
  • Lens Measuring Machine
    • Finite/infinite, finite/finite, infinite/infinite, infinite/finite
  • Testing
    • Image quality based on pixel image with 100nm resolution on axis and in field
    • Wavefront as per Shack-Hartmann and Hartmann
    • Digital interferometer
    • Centration measurement of all surfaces in assembled system
    • 3 coordinate measurement up to 0.3 µm