mounting optics

Mounting Optics

Extensive special techniques for the low-strain mounting of optics

We mount a wide range of optical components by means of threaded rings, bonding and crimping.


We have a variety of machines and manual bonding stations as well as a large range of adhesives at our disposal. We can bond round and angular components with many different adhesives. For bonding, batch sizes of 1 are possible – as are component sizes from 5 to 300 mm.

Alignment Turning

If the mounted components are not sufficiently accurate, we use the "alignment turning" procedure, with the optical axis of the component being aligned with extreme precision and subsequent machining of the functional surfaces. We have various lathes at our disposal. The components may have any number of optical surfaces.


  • Parameters
    • Optical axis minimum alignment accuracy of 0.5 µm
    • Mechanical accuracy: 0.5 µm (radial runout, axial runout)
    • Smallest part: Ø 7.8 mm
    • Largest part manufactured: Ø 470 mm
    • Largest part theoretically possible: Ø 570 mm
    • Maximum component weight: 30 kg
    • Component height up to 100 mm, higher components available on request
  • Possible Shapes for Machining
    • Thread cutting
    • Drilling
    • V-grooves (e.g. for ball tracks)


    Other special shapes may be provided on request or may be developed as necessary.

  • Possible Shapes for Optics

    Possible special shapes for optical components:

    • Cylinder lenses
    • Polynomials (freeform surfaces)
    • Axicons
    • Gratings


    Other special shapes may be provided on request or may be developed as necessary.

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