Highest flexibility in relation to parts spectrum

For us, milling is not just machining – it is also an exciting task. Our high-performance CNC machining centers enable the cutting of highly-stable steels, magnesium, plastics and ceramics. In the high speed cutting (HSC) of light metals and cast materials, we can attain cutting speeds of over 1,500 m/min at spindle speeds of up to 42,000 rpm.

In addition to HSC technology, conventional milling technology is a major part of our end-to-end value-added chain. Our perfectly-matched machinery is designed for highest accuracies and short cycle times, and guarantees a high degree of flexibility in relation to the dimensioning of parts and the materials machined.

Possible Parameters

X axis ≤ 1,600 mm
Y axis ≤ 1,600 mm
Z axis ≥ 1,600 mm
Accuracy up to IT5

Our Services

  • Our Services
    • Simultaneous milling on flexible CNC machining centers with up to 5 axes
    • CNC machining centers with magnesium fire safety kit
    • HSC machining centers for single parts with spindle speeds of up to 42,000 rpm
    • Production with minimal set-up requirements – achieved through the deployment of pallet storage systems on the machining centers
    • Use of highly-flexible zero point clamping systems
    • Kalimat CNC presetting machine with image processing
    • ZEISS Prismo VAST coordinate measurement technology with Calypso software for quality assurance
    • NC program transfer over to DNC mode
  • Machining of
    • Special metals (e.g. Titan) 
    • Ceramics (e.g. Marcor) 
    • Magnesium 
    • Aluminum and aluminum alloys 
    • Steels 
    • Non-ferrous metals 
    • Plastics
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