Superfinish Machining

Accuracies in the micrometer range

We machine metals, synthetic materials and technical ceramics with the highest accuracy requirements, for single and small series. The tolerances attainable are ≤1 µm. Working in a constructive partnership, our specialists address customers' individual requirements and develop the optimal precision machining strategy for the product.

The unique possibilities which the flexible UP machining centers offer is a key part of our strategies. Diamond tools are complemented by the diversity of our special production processes.

  • These Processes Include
    • Wire eroding
    • Slow-tool-servo turning
    • Fly cutting
    • Diamond cutting
    • Face milling

    Our machinery and the associated measuring equipment is stored in air-conditioned and vibration-optimized rooms to enable reliable and ultra-precise manufacturing and process-oriented measurement. This is guaranteed with the help of an integrated quality management system and systematic processes for safeguarding our technological edge.

  • Our Services
    • Surface grinding
      - Horizontal surface grinding machine (1300 x 250 x 350 mm)
      - Rotary table surface grinding machine (diameter 500 x 170 mm) –  attainable tolerances ≤ 1 µm 
    • Internal cylindrical grinding (diameter: 380 x 500 mm) 
    • External cylindrical grinding (diameter: 500 x 1000 mm) 
    • Centerless grinding (diameter > 1 up to 23mm)
    • Ultra-precise turning (< 1 µm radial/ axial runout up to 750mm) 
    • Wire EDM 
    • Precision machining with diamond tools 
    • Lapping and manual lapping, tolerances attainable ≤ 0.5 µm
  • High-end Quality

    Fundamental tolerance IT2, hardened to IT1, hardness up to 840 HV