Surface Finishing

Decorative and technical surfaces, shortest throughput times with attractive prices, one-off or volume production

Surface finishing

Decades of experience in high-technology sectors including medicine, semiconductors and space make us your ideal partner for mechanical surface finishing. We offer our coating subcontracting service to the industries with which our know-how is compatible – across all spectra where the highest demands are placed on decorative and technical surfaces. We aspire to support you with the shortest throughput times and attractive prices – whether it be a complex component or traditional volume production. If your requirements cannot be met by the standard surface finishing program, we will be happy to develop special solutions for you.

  • Electroplating

    After radical renovation in 2006, our electroplating department now uses ultra-modern machinery:
    In automated electroplating, we anodize part sizes of up to 1700 mm – regardless whether traditional anodizing, hard coating or a bilateral procedure is required.

    The electroplating subcontracting service is supplemented by chemical nickel-plating, ematal and other established procedures. In these processes, we push the boundaries of the technically and decoratively possible on a daily basis. Cleanroom-compatible packaging may of course be provided upon request.

    Our engineers directly support particularly demanding or critical (end-) uses, such as those which occur in electroforming.

    Take us at our word: Whether it has been electroplated or chemically treated, when your workpieces are returned, you will see that it has been machined just as you requested. The table shows the quality which you can expect from us – how hard, whether wear-resistant, electrically conductive or just decorative.


    • Standard GS anodizing
    • Bilateral anodizing
    • Ematal anodizing
    • Chemical nickel-plating
    • Electroforming
    • Sulfamate nickel
    • Copper plating
    • Gold plating
    • Silver plating
    • Tin plating
    • Electropolishing
    • Yellow chromating (alternative: conversion layer)
    • Conversion coatings
    • Special staining and etching techniques
    • Passivation of stainless steels
    • Chemical blackening of stainless steels
    • Chemical blackening of nickel-phosphorous coatings
    • Chemical blackening of copper and copper alloys
    • Cleaning of machines
  • Paintwork

    Besides the optical effect, lacquers must protect a machine from corrosion over the long term. Lacquers must not only adhere very well, they must also be hard, shock resistant and scratch proof. Whether matt or gloss, chemically or mechanically resistant, we meet your requirements.


    • Smooth finish
    • Topcoat
    • Textured finish
    • Anti-friction paint
    • Conductive paint
    • Enamel finish
    • Teflon (PTFE) coating
    • Antireflective lacquers
  • Reprography and Printing

    Reprographic Technology

    Through contour etching, each small and complex part may be produced flat and free from burrs. We accept each of your personal requests as a challenge.


    Text and characters should always be legible – especially on workpieces on which high demands are placed. Simply explain your application to us. We will show you the printing and engraving possibilities (not confined to those listed in the table).


    • Contour etching parts
    • Creation of vectographs
    • Adhesive labels
    • Reproductions
    • Screen print templates
    • Gold coating
    • Screen print
    • Pad printing
  • Mechanical Pretreatment

    Needless to say, machines must be prepared for surface treatment. We grind, polish and blast.


    • Fine grinding
    • Vibratory grinding
    • Centrifugal grinding
    • Special fused alumina blasting
    • Glass bead blasting
    • Granule blasting
    • Annealed cast iron blasting
    • Plastic granulate blasting
    • Brush polishing
    • High-gloss polishing
  • Cleaning

    With our leading-edge cleaning technology, we attain surface cleanliness class 10 with residual contamination of only < 10 ng/mg TOC. We set ourselves the challenge of discovering future technologies and products.

    In an automated 9-chamber system equipped with multi-frequented ultrasonic technology, we attain a surface cleanroom class 10 with residual contamination of only < 10 ng/mg TOC. The cleaning agents used are perfectly suited to materials and contamination.

surface finishing

Technology Consultation

True to our promise to provide you with leading-edge technology, we are committed to challenging the limits of what is possible on a daily basis. We achieve this through a team of specialists who have years of practical experience, but also feel at home on scientific committees.


Our internal technology consultation service on mechanical surface treatment is supplemented by employees from institutions associated with ZEISS, from scientists such as material specialists, chemists or physicists to practical experts who develop automation solutions or design processes, e.g. with SixSigma.

Through this combination, we can provide you with a single consultation source which caters to your needs. If our procedures do not achieve exactly what is stipulated in the standard, we will collaborate with you to develop a customized process to meet your requirements.