10-axis machining centers for precision, flexibility and competitiveness

Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology of our turning and milling machining centers with 10 axes (X, Y, Z, B), we can produce highly accurate and complex parts to the required quality specifications, on schedule and at competitive prices.

Our high-end machining methods in combination with the experience and creativity of our staff not only guarantee a high level of precision, but also enable the machining of a broad spectrum of items – from simple turned parts to complex, rotationally symmetrical turned or milled components in single or small series. Part sizes range from 1 to 750 mm in diameter and the quality reaches an accuracy of class IT4 (for hard turning in IT2 range).

For the parallel rear-side machining of workpieces on the counter spindle, off-the-shelf production is possible up to a diameter range of 100 mm – in the chuck area, even up to a diameter of 750 mm (on the turning side).

Possible Parameters

Max. axes 10
Diameter ≤ 750 mm
Length ≤ 1000 mm
Accuracy up to IT2
  • Our Services
    • Flexible CNC complete processing technique with between 3 and 10 axes (X, Y, Z, B)
    • Main and counter spindles, maximum spindle aperture of 90 mm
    • CNC chuck turning centers with diameters of up to 750 mm
    • Hard turning of parts with hardness of 600 HV in accuracy class IT2
    • Adjustment and installation work of single mechanical parts and assemblies
    • Measurement of single parts using the latest ZEISS measurement
    • Technology with Calypso for quality assurance
    • Compilation of material certificates by affiliated material test lab
    • Ultra-precise turning
  • Machining of
    • Special metals (e.g. Titan)
    • Ceramics (e.g. Marcor)
    • Aluminum and aluminum alloys
    • Steels
    • Non-ferrous metals
    • Plastics