Optical Components

Production of highly accurate coated circular and flat optics products and components or external sourcing with ZEISS quality.

The performance limitations of competitors are our standards. Through close collaboration with our customers and the association with international research institutes and development divisions within the ZEISS group, we are already working on the technological foundations of the optical components of tomorrow. We are of course proficient in the entire range of production methods for high-precision coated circular and flat optics and external sourcing whilst preserving the customary ZEISS quality.

Aspheres and Free Forms

Aspheres, off-axis elements and freeform optics from ZEISS to the highest accuracy standards using a wide variety of materials with leading-edge expertise.

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Optical Coatings

Optical coatings to specification, highly accurate high-end coating systems with plasma-supported procedures, ongoing further development and optimization.

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Large Optics

Precise surfaces, lightweight materials and highly reflective coating is used for large optics and customized products for components used in the automotive and aerospace industries.

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ZEISS produces microoptical elements e.g. as beamformers for illumination systems or beam splitters for spectroscopic systems or diffraction gratings.

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Plan Optics

Production of normal and high-end optical flats and prisms, optical glass, glass ceramics, polarization optical and phase contrast components.

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Spheric Lenses

Production of single lenses and lens groups, focusing on chemically sensitive glasses, the highest levels of precision and cleanliness, complex design.

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