Large Optics and Custom Order Production

ZEISS is synonymous with highest standards in the field of optics for components used in the aerospace industry. This direction towards the development of increasingly more precise surfaces in conjunction with lighter and lighter materials and the most reflective surface coatings is being pursued rigorously.

The long-term partnerships with scientific and research institutes are a guarantee for stable success in the long term and form the basis for the very individual and complex challenges of our customers. We are glad to take on any challenge — especially projects involving large-scale optics.

  • Material
    • Glass ceramics (Zerodur)
    • Fused silica
    • SiC, Si
    • Al (electroless Ni)
  • Coatings
    • Catalogue of 250 standard CZ coatings
    • Custom coatings developed in-house
  • Specifications
    ≤ 1.50 m
    Weight    ≤ 400 kg
    Wave front error
    ≥ 20 nm rms
    Micro roughness
    ≤ 0.3 nm rms