optical coatings

Optical Coatings

To secure our position at the forefront of professional optics, coating equipment satisfying this requirement is necessary. In collaboration with our partner network, we follow, evaluate and adopt global technology trends with the aim of being able to offer as early as possible the appropriate solution. This guarantees our customers a competitive technological position in the marketplace.

Our mass production facility reliably guarantees that the requirements of highest-level specifications for optical coatings are satisfied along with the associated demands of precision optics. High-end coatings are manufactured by state-of-the-art methods which are subject to continuous enhancement and optimization.


  • Coatings
    • Anti-reflex (AR)
    • Mirrors (HR)
    • Beam splitters
    • Absorbers (defined characteristics)
    • Filters (long/short pass, broadband)
    • Electrically conductive coatings (ITO)
    • Custom coatings (e.g. with phase specification)
    • Catalogue of approx. 250 standard Zeiss coatings
  • Technologies
    • Thermal evaporation
    • Electron beam evaporation
    • Ion/plasma-assisted methods
    • Magnetron sputtering
    • Optical coating characterization
    • Ion beam sputtering (ext.)
  • Spectrums


Substrate diameter    
≤ 950 mm*
Substrate height ≤ 250 mm*
Substrate weight ≤ 30 kg*
Coating layer thickness accuracy ≥ 0.2 %**
  * on request in standard and custom shapes
** highest accuracy only valid for small substrate dimensions (substrate diameter ≤ 100mm)