Plan Optics

Plan plates, prisms, prism groups

Plan Plates and Prisms

Production of plan plates and prisms are available with the following specifications:

  • Prisms to Ø 200 mm
  • Plates to 400 mm
  • Prisms and plates made of optical glass, crystals and glass ceramics
  • Sensitive glasses are our top priority
  • Components with trouble-free surface and less deep damage

Prism Groups

Prism groups consist of two or more flat optics components and they are connected with a thin film of putty.

  • Complex prisms systems
  • Polarization-optical components
  • Phase-contrast components made of optical glass, crystals and magnesium fluoride
  • Deflection to 0.6 min and parallelism to 6s
  • According to product requirements using different coats of lacquer


Features Standard Quality   High-End Quality
h8 h6
Angle   ±5 [arc min] ±0,5 [arc sec]
Parallelism [arc sec] 
Surface Accuracy pv [λ]
λ/10 λ/100
Cleanliness ISO10110 5/0.63 - 0.063
5/0.063 - 0.006
    In accordance with DIN ISO 2768 / DIN ISO 10110
These features and tolerances are dependent on material and size.
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