Spherical Lenses

Single lenses and lens groups

Single Lenses

Round optical components generally feature two spherical optical surfaces, one of the two surfaces can also be replaced by a plan surface.  We offer a broad range of possible specifications.

  • Scope
    • Diameters 5 to 300 mm
    • Radii from 2,5 mm to infinity
    • Form accuracies into the nanometer range
    • Complex edge and bevel structures
    • High surface accuracies
    • Can be made of optical glass or crystals
    • The focus is on chemically sensitive lenses
  • Specifications
    Standard Quality   
    High-End Quality
    Diameter h8 h6
    Center Thickness [mm] ±0.100 ±0.010
    Radius [ringe] 5 to 2 0.5
    Surface Accuracy pv [λ] λ/10 λ/100
    Vedge (edge parallelism) [mm] 0.01 0.005
    Cleanliness ISO10110   5/0.63 - 0.063 5/0.063 - 0.006
        In accordance with DIN ISO 2768 / DIN ISO 10110
    These features and tolerances are dependent on material and size.
    If you have any questions or need further information, don't hesitate to contact us.

Lens groups

Lens groups consist of two or more round optic components which are connected by a film of putty.

  • Diameters to 200 mm
  • To putty with fast hardening, time dependent hardening, low strain and color endowed putty
  • Can be putty of optical glass or crystals
  • Precision to 0,1 min on the parasitic image
  • Prevention of diffused light by edge painting with optical coatings
  • Use of color endowed putty for different wavelength ranges