Optical Systems for Projections

The projection angle of ZEISS lenses may be up to 178°.

Projection lens

In the Projection Optics area, we produce wide-angle lenses which are tailored to dome projections and to utilization with digital imaging systems. The modern optical and mechanical design ensures distortion-free and unvignetted images.

Our optics have both diverse and specialized applications – for instance, films on the world-famous Nebra sky disk are shown in the "Nebra Ark" using our technology. At present, it takes just two lenses to fill an entire cupola with brilliant images.

Other projection applications include:

  • Head-mounted display
  • Digital stereo microscope
  • Projection lenses for data projection
  • Head-up display
  • Strip projection
  • Rear projection
  • Driving simulation

Example of a Projection Lens

Picture diagonal 0.69"
Number of apertures 2.8
Projection angle 178°
Cupola diameter 8 m
Installation length 216 mm
Max. lens diameter 154 mm